Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Photo Help!!

It's almost been 2 weeks now since I started up this blog and while I am happy with how things are going, there's one thing bugging me - the quality of my images. I find that when I post photos from my computer, they appear blurry on my blog, despite being crystal clear in the original images. Does anyone have any idea how to fix this? Yesterday, I ordered Blogging For Bliss so I am hoping that when that arrives, it may provide me with the answer... I have tried resizing the original of the photo below to see if that makes a difference at all...

Iceberg roses I picked this morning from our garden


  1. Oh i adore iceberg roses, mum has these in her garden! x

  2. How are you saving your images? It may have something to do with that. This image of the roses is fine, maybe a little small. You have the option on Blogger to choose the size of you image just before you upload it.

  3. Beach Vintage: Are all my pictures a little small or just the rose one? That is the photo I resized so might not be a solution after all. I've just been downloading the photos off my camera and saving them under 'My Pictures' as jpeg files and then uploading them on Blogger as I post. Is that what you do? I'll try selecting a larger size when I upload the next lot.

  4. My goodness I have the same troubles with loading images. I too try to keep the original file big... ALthough some of mine are blurry too! I cannot work out how to get the portrait images to be as wide as the page. How can this blogging thing be soooo complicated! x

  5. Hi

    I'm new too and still trying to work out wrinkles in this blog world. I do know that when you have the picture on your post click on the photo and a little bar that says small medium large x large and remove will appear and you choose which you want - I usually say large.

    Great blog - I'll be back and Good Luck -


  6. Hi Amanda-how nice to find another blog from WA! Seeing as you are local, I thought you might find this course interesting - "Getting the most from your digital camera" through UWA Extension. Dele Neill is the teacher, and he was really good, able to communicate with absolute beginners (ie me) as well as much more experienced people. Hope that helps x Caroline

  7. Hi Amanda...if you also download Picasa 3
    ( which you can for free) you can also enhance or amend your pics that way..if you want to bring out more colour..or brighten or soften pics x


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