Friday, May 7, 2010

Party Planning Progress

Hooray! I’m finally back online after being without a computer this week. I’m hoping to catch up on all your lovely blogs over the weekend which I’ve really missed visiting.

With just over a week until Grace turns one, I took advantage of my forced blogging break this week to get on top of the preparations for her birthday party.

So far I have:

• Made and mailed the invites
• Prepared the party favour bags
• Baked and frozen several batches of sausage rolls
• Used Poladroid and printed off Grace's photos for her first year display
• Ordered some paper lanterns
• Prepared some table decorations

This weekend I hope to:

• Do a trial batch of cupcakes (inspired by the ones above from here which we bought last weekend)
• Make a polka dot paper garland
• Sew a birthday crown for the birthday girl

With all these things taken care of, I can use next week to focus on the food and make sure the house is nice and tidy.

As for the birthday cake, I’ve decided to go with the traditional #1 cake which I am hoping to bake and freeze a few days earlier and then ice on the day. Please send any birthday cake advice my way as I am starting to worry a bit about this task! Do you have any hints/tips from your own experiences?


  1. Amanda, you have done a beautiful job with Grace's invitations, they look gorgeous! It certainly sounds like you are very well prepared and that would have been my only advice from my experiences. If you are well prepared then you can enjoy the party too:) So lovely to see you back online sweet girl. ~ Tina xx

  2. You are always super-organised!! Looks like things are coming along really well!
    Have a wonderful weekend :)

  3. Those invites are gorgeous!

    It sounds like the party will be fantastic.

    Things I have learnt - buttercream icing gets darker over time, so colour your icing the night before if you can and then you will have the true colour the next morning when you go to ice.

    Freezing it is a great idea. When you get it out - do a crumb coat, let it dry then ice away. :)

  4. Hey mate! You have done an amazing job on those invites, the photos you put on them are so cute.. especially the 3rd one!!
    It sounds like the computer meltdown was almost a good thing, you sound like you are really organized now. I can't wait to see the photos from the big day...
    Thanks for your Mother's day wishes.. Your first one is so special, I hope you enjoy every single second of it.
    :) Flick
    ps. Thanks for all your sweet comments on my blog as usual, you always brighten my day!

  5. Oh look at her on the invites - she's are such a good Mum... the party sounds so sweet... you have done a great job! A-M xx

  6. Amanda the party is going to be so cute! I can't wait to be able to "do" kids parties such fun. Have a great weekend preparing x

  7. Yeah so glad to see you back:) Those invitations are so very sweet. I love the photos of Grace and how you placed them at the bottom of the invitation, very creative.

    And those cupcakes look so yum, it will be so much fun making them, I love decorating cakes. You will do a great job with icing the cake Amanda. I always like using the butter cream icing or vienna cream, I like the effect and tastes yummy too. And the only advice is something you are doing, to freeze the cake before icing so you don't get any of the cake crumbs in the icing. The cake will look beautiful, Grace is a very lucky girl to have a Mum like you who puts in lots of effort for her.

    Enjoy your party preparations and Happy Mother's Day for Sunday I hope your day is a special one. xo

  8. wow, you are very very organised! miss grace is going to be super spoilt for her very first birthday. it sounds like it will be a wonderful day :)

    my tip is that blue edicol dye in the icing results in lots of blue baby poo. so maybe go the food colouring! i have never heard of someone using edicol dye in icing until i met my other half's mum. she made a number 1 cake for my OH's nephew and when i mentioned that she must've used half a bottle of food colouring to get it so blue she said 'no, i just used edicol dye' apparently she has always used it and made all her boys cakes with edicol dye icing

  9. Those invitations are fabulous! I love! Looks like you are on the stick with the planning, I'm impressed!

  10. Wow, how on earth are you so organised with a little one? Amanda, everything looks so beautiful so far. What a lovely mummy you are. Look forward to seeing some party pics! Rxx

  11. Good luck this weekend luv! The idea is so sweet and I know you can do it! x

  12. Amanda, you need NO've got it all completely covered! I wish I'd thought to freeze all those birthday cakes I made when the kids were little...that whole icing/crumb thing got the better of me every time! I'm sure you'll have a fabulous time. 1 is a very special birthday x

  13. Amanda,
    I just love the invites especially the cheeky photo on the right so cute!! It sounds like you are very organised i hope you enjoy your baby girls big day. Make sure to take plenty of pics for your memories, don't they grow up so fast.
    Have fun, Donna xx

  14. Amanda you are doing beautifully.( The only advice I have from experience is the icing changed colour overnight , when it was pink that was ok but my sons first cake was soft blue when I went to bed & in the morning it was green, eekk. Use the powder colouring & all should be good)
    How exciting your first mummys day ! Enjoy
    Karyn x

  15. Hi Amanda!
    I noticed on your invitations you had a 2 hour time frame, my little tip is with little ones at a party, prepare a party run sheet for yourself, schedule times for cake, games, when food is to be put onto the table etc...The time gets away from you and it goes so quick with chatting and welcoming everyone, catching up, that it's soon 12 and you haven't done the cake yet! I have 4 kids ranging from 8 to 10mths and I do it for all of their parties, it just takes the guesswork out of how the party should run for you on the day, but still a surprise for your guests!!! Good Luck!

  16. Wow, it all looks so gorgeous! Can't wait to hear how it goes. I'm sure it will be a wonderful day!

  17. Amanda, you're all over this by the looks of things. The invitations look great, and the only advice I can give is that I'm told bakeries always chill the cakes before icing them, I guess they're a little firmer and less crumbly that way. Hope that helps, and enjoy the day with your little one! K xx

  18. Ooh I love the invites Amanda, they look great how did you design them? I am glad your computer is back : ) you must be looking forward to the party? I think organising things like that is one of my all time favourites things!


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