Saturday, April 20, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Sophie: Such a cheeky little monkey, her mischievous grin a common expression.

Grace: Finally on holidays after her first term of kindergarten. She has had tears at many morning drop offs and a sense of anxiousness still lingers. However, she has made friends and come so far in the past eleven weeks.

I feel like these photos really capture our girls' characters so well... Sophie, full of life, energetic and oh so lovable and Grace's gentleness, sweet nature and beautiful spirit... all personality traits that make my heart burst with pride.

Joining in with Jodi


  1. I can see what you are saying about both of your girls Amanda, you have captured their personalities so well in these photos. What a cute little cheeky smile Sophie has and Grace, I think her name suits her, there is such a softness to her face. I hope that she is enjoying her holidays. xx

  2. I really do think you are right about capturing their personalities. One thing is for certain, they both have such sweet and kind smiles.

  3. Beautiful sentiments attached to the photos, Amanda. They are each perfect in their own sweet way. x

  4. Your words and their photos pair so beautifully Amanda
    It jolts me each time that your Grace is not your cheeky, loud one like mine though!!!

  5. They are just beautiful Amanda....that cheeky smile is going to win Sophie many fans!! Grace looks so serene but happy....I hope the drop offs get a little easier for her will happen!x

  6. lovely photos, as always. i can't believe that her first term of kindergarten is over time really flies. how proud you must be that she's blooming into such a beautiful little lady.

    and your little sophie - you can see that she must have a slight mischievous streak -- that gorgeous grin says it all. growing up so fast...seems like just yesterday her and olive were little blobs of beautiful chub without teeth or hair! xox

  7. Oh wow. Sophie looks so much older this week. Such a 'girl' now.
    Daycare drop offs were torturous for Ella and I for a while, but once she got to Kindy and school and she was ok with it - it DOES get easier, I promise :)
    Enjoy the school holidays together!
    These two pics made me smile this morning! So, thank you :))

  8. I wonder if Grace will start to miss Kindy when on holidays? That will be a good way to see if she really enjoys it :) I bet she'll miss her friends etc that's when you'll start to have the sleep overs and all night giggleathons :)

  9. oh how beautiful are they!!!!!! beautiful photos amanda xx

  10. My lovely friend. I am still here (waves). So sorry for the radio silence. You've captured your darlings' spirits so beautifully. What a fine pair they make. Love to you J x

  11. I can't believe how grown up they both look in these photos! Where has the time gone??


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