Thursday, September 12, 2013

Easing Into Spring

Taking a step back from the computer for a few weeks at the end of August to recharge and allow myself time to pause and reflect was really beneficial.  While no monumental projects were crossed off my to-do list, I pottered, 'caught up' and took things easy. Mostly, I simply used those weeks to embrace slow days and the comforts of home and our little family.

Spring has now arrived and while we've had a few days here and there of glorious blue-skied, sunshine-filled days, here in the west, wet and blustery weather has lingered.  Bit by bit though, I'm sensing an inner change and a sense of restlessness... an eagerness to begin projects and to get out more.  However, I'm letting the seasons lead me and am easing myself into spring rather than jumping into it with over-ambitious enthusiasm.

Swirling around in my head at the moment are a whole myriad of projects I'm itching to get started on... transforming the gallery wall in our entryway from a wall of wedding day portraits to a wall of precious family snapshots... getting photos off the computer and into albums to be flicked through and reminisced upon... putting the finishing touches on our home office/guest bedroom makeover... enjoying the sunshine and the simple pleasure of pottering in the garden with the girls, adding some pops of colour to our predominately green garden... deciding upon a mama-made cake for our little one's upcoming second birthday... searching for inspiration and menu ideas for my annual Pink Ribbon Day fundraiser... dreaming of a possible family holiday involving interstate flights...

For now though, I'll follow the lead of this wintery day, make myself a cuppa and sit here by the window looking out across overcast skies,  knowing that all these projects will come about eventually as spring unfolds and my plans take shape...


  1. I hope stepping back and taking things slow allowed you to recharge and be ready for Spring. I have been feeling the charge of Spring cleaning room by room just slowly and feeling like I want to change up things a little in the house and make it feel refreshed. I hope that the weather fines up for you it feels like Spring has skipped us here and we are having very warm days lately and things are starting to get very dry. I'm hoping a little bit of rain comes our way so I can get started with some vegetable planting. I really love your print and planning for interstate holidays sounds exciting:) xx

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the weather Amanda, I'm longing for spring, warm days, getting projects done and getting to the beach..... can't wait for some regular sunshiny days.... xo

  3. It's good to take a break once in a while.
    Oh photos...I haven't done anything with ours for years. It is such an overwhelming task. What's your plan of action? Do you have digital books made or do you put actual photos in actual good old fashioned albums???

  4. Sounds like you're in a lovely headspace Amanda. It's nice to have a little break. I'm feeling very much the same about Spring, easing in and looking forward to slowly getting some things ticked off the list. Sounds like you have some lovely things on the horizon. Have a lovely weekend! Mel x

  5. Ooo sounds exciting good luck! Interesting how we still have all this stormy weather..hope that isn't reflective of anything! x

  6. I too have been enjoying some time away from the computer and it has been lovely. We just got back from 4 nights away at the beach and the 'break' from technology was much-needed for chris and I.
    Can you believe we're mid-Sept already?? Ahhhh!!!!
    An interstate holiday would be LOVELY - QLD?? :)))))
    Have a great week Amanda


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