Monday, June 28, 2010

Lounge Room Help

Hope you’re having a great Monday and that your weekend was a wonderful one. Ours was occupied with a bit of heater shopping (more on that later in the week), a visit to Bunnings and a stop by my sister’s new house which she has just moved into.

Today I need some help from you all. We have been kindly offered a piano for our home if we’d like it. While I myself probably wouldn’t have the time to make use of it and while I’m a big believer in the whole “have nothing in your home you know not to be useful or beautiful,” we’re thinking it might be a good piece to have around for Grace when she's older.

My dilemma is where to put it. We’ve come to the conclusion that our lounge is the only room where it could possibly fit and the place where the new buffet we bought is probably the only option which means a bit of rearranging of furniture. I’ve placed a big box covered in a dark coloured sheet in the spot we’re thinking of to try and get a picture of what it would be like with a piano in that spot.

Do you think moving the buffet to the dining area looks too cramped? It definitely makes it darker (something I am really trying to avoid) so I’m thinking I could possibly make slipcovers in a light coloured fabric for the dining chairs to brighten up the space (I’ve wrapped some white fabric around one to try and picture this). The newspaper pinned to the wall is my ‘imaginary artwork’. I’d really appreciate any opinions. The first above are of our lounge how it was and the ones below are my ‘mock piano set-up’ and a photo of the piano itself. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated... (and please ignore the ugly carpet and blinds as these are next on our 'hit list')...


  1. Hi Amanda,
    I love the idea of the piano. Not sure of your space but could you somehow move the buffet behind one of your lounges like a console? Not sure of the space between the lounge and the wall? Maybe if you moved the lounge forward a bit? xx

  2. Hi Simone - there's not a lot of room behind the couch at the moment - it could move forward another 30cm probably but it might still be a bit squishy with the buffet behind - might see if hubby can help me do a bit of a shuffle around tonight and see though... thanks for the suggestion x

  3. Hi Amanda,

    tricky dilema! I love your newspaper artwork, it's genius really think i need to use that technique rather than scrambling up and down the back of the couch when i change mine around! I think the piano is great in the sense that it is a slightly older piece and is taller so it gives different dimensions to the room but it is a little tight with the buffet where it doesn't look bad at all though and quite often they are so handy to have close to the table for serving. Maybe sometimes you just have to live with things for a little while to see how they work and feel? Goodluck : )

  4. Lucky you to get a piano. I think the set up you suggested is good. In fact it makes perfect sense to have a buffet in the dining area. Anyway, I'm sure you will get plenty of advice to help with your final decision. xx

  5. Hi Amanda, I definitely think you should accept the piano offer - it truly is a special piece to have and it's never too late to learn, and so fabulous for Grace. I agree with Catherine - being older, it automatically adds a little 'authenticity' to a new room, and I like the height it adds. The buffet looks good by the table, but it's hard to tell how much space you have. Once those blinds are removed, the light in the space will look totally different. Thats my 2c worth! Amanda x

  6. The buffet looks great in the dining room - not too cramped at all! If the piano dimensions are right, and you can move around it easily, it will look great where you are suggesting in the lounge room. How lucky are you to be getting a piano - never say no! I also think your dining room would benefit from lighter covers on the chairs, however, I agree with Amanda - wait until you change out the blinds and see what the light is like. Maybe you could add some light (silver or white) accessories to your buffet with some height so your eye is drawn to it and not the dark table/chairs until you get your artwork. Good luck - look forward to seeing the piano in situ. Michelle

  7. Hi Amanda, I think what you have suggested works well. Getting gifted a piano is a wonderful thing and kids love bashing around making music. The dining room looks fine and if you can make the chair covers anyway it is always nice to have a change. xx

  8. I say go for it with the piano. Having said that, I am hopeless with furniture placement. I would love to have a piano but there isn't one spare wall in the whole house,argh. I do hope you find a solution Amanda.

  9. Hi Amanda. How lucky to be getting a piano. We have one and it has been fabulous for the girls, your sweet Grace will have so much creative fun with it! One of my favourite memories of when our Bella was 5yrs, is me cooking dinner and she played me this made up song and then said 'Did you like that Mummy? It was in French!' :) I think your buffet looks great in the dining room, not cramped at all. Enjoy your piano:) Hugs to you ~ Tina xx

  10. Hi Amanda! I agree the buffet looks good in the dining area - i think it makes that space look a bit less empty! Perhaps even out a mirror or artwork over it to tie the space together?? The white/lighter coloured chairs would look good too! And dare i suggest a pendant light for over the dining table??
    sorry - i do this for a job - cant help myself ;) And of course - accept the piano!!!
    sal x

  11. So exciting you're getting a piano, I grew up with/playing the piano and really miss it.
    I think it will be fine in that spot. And agree with everyone's suggestions. You could put light coloured running on either or both the piano and buffet and put pretty display things on top to soften the look of them.
    I think the white slip covers is a great idea!
    It's hard when you're waiting on other elements in the room to get the whole picture isn't it. I think it will be great though!

  12. I think the lounge looks better with the height of the piano AND I like the buffet in the dining room. It's a formal dining room isn't it? You have a meals area as well if I recall correctly.

    In that case I think the buffet works really well to make the dining are more cosy - which I really like for a formal area.

    I like the light covers on the chairs - but I agree wait till after you redo the blinds etc.

    I'd take the piano!

  13. Hi Amanda. A piano... you lucky girl!! It's fantastic. I much prefer the older style- they have so much more character. It ideally needs to be on an inside wall (I'm pretty sure the garage runs the length of that space) How about along the wall to the right as you enter the lounge? I can't remember what's there or (or if it would fit...)
    I really like the buffet in the dining area. Some lighter accessories will help brighten the area along with the slip covers. The art you choose will also change the brightness of the space also.
    Glad I finally worked this blog thing out! xx

  14. Hi Mate, the piano is an amazing gift.. I always wish we had one for the girls as they are always playing on their friend's piano!
    I love your 'set up'! You are such a genius..
    The way you have it in the photos looks good in the room, and although you are used to a little more space around the table, I reckon it still looks great! The best way to see if it works, is to live with it for a while, and see how you feel...
    :) Flick

  15. Hi Amanda,
    Oh, piano as a gift, how wonderful! I think what you've come up will look great. Perhaps you could add a nice mirror above the buffet in the dining area to create an illusion of a larger space? Looking forward to seeing the final result.
    Maja, xx

  16. Oh love that piano! I would love one like that! So excited for you!

  17. I think adding slip covers over the dining room chairs is a great idea to brighten up the dining room area. I think if there is about two feet between the dining room chair and the buffet, then you are good. It is hard to tell from the picture if there is this much space. That is typically the minimum clearance for a dining room between a chair and whatever is behind it (being a wall or other object). Can't wait to see what you decide!

  18. Hey Amanda!

    What a gorgeous piano. I love your ideas I think they are perfect. I'd move the piano in, in a heartbeat and even extend your photowall over onto the wall space above the piano. I would recommend thin frames with large mats mats cut for inside it. You can get this done custom at an art shop. I think it would look magnificient. And I love the chair cover idea and long as they fit tight and snug and are pressed neatly.

  19. I'd definitely go for the piano and I like the way you have planned the rooms. I think by hanging art on the walls where you have planned will really tie it in and actually make it all feel more spacious.
    Mum bought a piano when my sister & I were little and we had so much fun on it. I never did formally learn how to play but did teach myself quite a few tunes.

  20. Just mentioning my first giveaway!!! Come check it out sweetie!

  21. Beautiful piano! It's a wonderful addition to a home and adds so much life. And I think your arrangement looks great (love the newspaper as practice art!).

  22. Amanda, I love the slip covers for your dining room chairs, you're definitely onto a winner with that one! They really lift the room and look sophisticated.

    How fantastic you’ve been given a piano. I learnt to play when I was a little girl because my parents were handed one down from my Dad’s family, I got to Grade 7 and they adored hearing it played around the house. It really evoked an atmosphere that can’t be matched by hearing it from a speaker.

    Grace will so enjoy it and learn a new skill. Can’t think of the space arrangements, not knowing your place as well as you do, but I’m sure you’ll make it fit okay! :-)

  23. Thanks for all your words of encouragement about my 'mock lounge room arrangement'. We have decided we are going to accept the generous offer of the piano - now just need to sort out the logistics of how to transport it! :) Will keep you posted when it arrives...

  24. jealous! i'd love a piano - we were offered one but didn't really have the space!

    i think the buffet will look fine in the dining room - once you've put something on the wall and styled up the top of it a little (not too much - it will clutter the space), it will make a world of difference. a mirror would also work well - it'd bounce some light around the room as well as make it bigger because it is quite a small space and having so much dark furniture in the one area will also close it in a little.
    I think lighter chair covers would go really well - maybe cover them all really roughly with some sheets/towels/fabric scraps in white/beige and see how the whole space could look lightened up.
    Good luck! x

  25. The piano is a really nice piece. I think the buffet completes your dining room, a large mirror over the buffet or even leaning against the wall on the buffet could make the room appear larger, if you added an interesting light fitting above the dining table this would add some drama to the room. Simple drapes on poles hung high above the window will also add some more height to the room.

    The chair upholstery is a nice contrast to your white sofas.

    The piano topped with some interesting pieces and candles you could light of an evening and this becomes an interesting feature in your living area.....good luck, exciting times ahead for you! A

  26. Lucky you! A piano is a wonderful piece to have at home. I think your proposed plan looks great. I love the buffet in the dining room, very handy if you entertain and need to place glasses, dishes etc on top - saves popping in and out to the kitchen. I agree with the other comments that a mirror would look fab above the buffet as it would help the room appear larger. Slip covers for the chairs would be a great idea also. Have fun rearranging! xx

  27. Great choice going with accepting the piano..I think Grace will enjoy and appreciate it as she gets older...Jacq loves playing on the piano every time he visits his great Grandma and Grandpa...just loves it..its great for them to explore the musical skills.

    I think you are definitely on the right track with the your options are few.

    Brightening up those chairs with a lighter colour fabric will do wonders. Buffet looks great there..some nice big artwork or mirror above it would look fab.

    Another option...have you thought about placing your 3 seater sofa against the window? might open up that area a bit more..and give you more walking pace between the living and dining area.? would look lovely with some drapes or Roman blinds added to it..Just a thought?

    Its all coming together so nicely...that piano will look grand in that living room. You lucky girl x

  28. How fantastic! I'd love to have a piano but I only have a small bungalow so you're doing better for space than me lol. I'm not too sure on the placing of furniture etc..however, I would recommend some mirrored furniture . I find this style is fabulous for creating the illusion of space and it also helps to lighten darker areas of the home. Some would also say silver furniture has the same effect. I can recommend a great site if you'd like some ideas: Out There Interiors

  29. Hello Amanda, this is a vey late comment on your post a month ago- reason being I only just discovered your blog. Not sure what you have decided, but I do like your idea of moving the buffet to the diningroom, and the piano is beautifull. my sugestion is that you could have a very large mirror above the buffet in the diningroom to create the feeling of "space". - perhaps a lamp or even two, but you don't want a lot to remove when you need to use it to serve from... the mirror will reflect your light covered couches and white covers on your diningroom chairs..I like that!
    perhaps you could also consider hanging some chandelier or lightfitting above the table..even one with candles (remember driptrays) as that will also add to illusion of dimension in the mirror...
    hope you find your answer - but I like your ideas. kind regards


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