Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sculptures By The Sea

Over the long weekend, we went and had a look at the Sculptures By The Sea on exhibition at Cottesloe Beach. There were some interesting sculptures, some clever and some a bit weird but it was fun wandering around checking them out.

My favourite was the 'sea' of paper boats. The last one below in front of the Indiana Teahouse is apparently worth over half a million dollars. Here are a few I managed to snap photos of...


  1. That looks like an amazing exhibition. My children love to make sand sculptures when we are at the beach...I have been quite amazed by some of them :)

  2. That looks like a great outing and such a sunny day. I saw one on Facebook today who was created by a friend of a friend - it was coloured wheelie bins and looked like fun.
    I agree, the little boats look wonderful. Thanks for showing this Amanda :)

  3. wow that looks like a great exhibition, I like the paper boats as well, oh and that beach looks stunning!

  4. Oh I love the paper boats! A-M xx

  5. wow they are amazing, how fun xx

  6. Hi amanday, I like the paper boats too! I should go down there and have a look if it is still on. I am so sorry I missed your last post - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!! (well, belated birthday!) I am so glad you had a nice weekend and got some lovely pressies. Your family pic is just sooo adorable!
    bday hugs to you, Laura xxx

  7. What an interesting exhibit. I too like the paper boats. Thanks for sharing. And that beach!!! Beautiful. We are still in winter mode here, and I'm really longing for beach weather! We have a trip planned in May. I can't wait!

  8. Aren't they amazing:) I really love how effective the paper boat sculpture looks. When we went to Byron Bay last June they had something similar along the beach and grassed area it was really interesting to look at the artwork outside rather than inside a gallery. It looks like a beautiful day to spend at the beach together enjoying something a little different. Have a great Thursday. xo

  9. Hi Amanda,
    Thanks for the preview - we plan to go this weekend - may even cycle over there if can muster the energy!!!
    Did you see the photo in The West yesterday - someone (being funny) took an exhibit number from a display and placed it in front of the rubbish bins - then watched as people wandered past taking photos and "admiring" the exhibit!!!!
    Glad I wasn't caught on camera!!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

  10. i remember going to cottesloe when i visited perth. Its a beautiful place! Love the artwork!
    Rachie xo

  11. Another fan of the paper boats! Perfect sculpture for a beach location!

  12. just found ur blog - ADORO family - and HOW cool with the sculptures - i wish they were by me to see!


    *kiss kiss*
    Erika @ ~Tiptoe Butterfly~

  13. Wow they look beautiful Amanda.


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