Monday, September 12, 2011

Bump Update: 35 Weeks

Image source unknown sorry

My conversation with Grace this morning gives you an idea of how much my belly has grown lately...

Grace: "Where's your belly button gone Mummy?"
Me: "It disappeared"
Grace: "The baby take (took) your belly button... maybe when the baby gets bigger it give it back"

That's right, my belly button has finally popped. Apart from that, I'm still pretty much all baby with a little compact basketball bump, although I definitely stick out further than the gorgeous silouette above. I'll try and take another bump photo soon.

Last Wednesday I had to go for an extra ultrasound as my obstetrician thought that my belly wwas measuring small for dates. Thankfully, my placenta is working fine and there is plenty of fluid around the baby who was moving very actively and was only slightly under the average weight for this stage of my pregnancy. Unfortunately though, bub has done a major flip around in the past two weeks and is now in the breech position. I'm hoping he/she will move but until my appointment next week, all I can do is wait and see.

I'm starting to feel more uncomfortable as the weeks go on and sleep on some nights is becoming progressively harder. I am definitely finding myself slowing down more too and am giving myself until the end of the week to get all the essentials I want done. Anything I achieve after then will be a bonus. I have yet to organise my hospital bag but I have been putting aside some special gifts I have bought for Grace for when she visits me in hospital which I'll be sure to pack.

So fingers crossed bub goes back to being head down this week, otherwise he/she could be here a bit sooner than I'd anticipated and the birth I'd pictured might not quite eventuate. But I guess at the end of the day, I just have to trust my obstetrician and as long as bub arrives safely, that's all that really matters.


  1. That is the cutest thing that Gracie said, it's so funny how their little minds work over these sorts of things isn't it!
    I am hoping and praying that bub will do a nice big flip around and get in the right position :)
    The whole process really is so amazing isn't it! Even just thinking that there is a baby in your tummy is just so incredible. And I think that's a great idea, to take it easy after this week and anything done is a bonus, I think because bubs grow so quickly in these last few weeks it takes such a toll, even despite the growing tummy awkwardness :)

    Have a lovely evening my dear!

  2. Hello Amanda... this is the first time I've commented on your lovely blog. Check out the exercises for flipping a breech at Goodluck and enjoy the rest of your pregnancy! x

  3. Janette - I'm trying to jot down funny things as Grace says them (to add to her baby book when I finally get around to sorting it out)

    Nicole - Lovely to see a new face and thanks for commenting. I'll be sure to check out that site.

  4. Janette, please go and pack your bag right now. A friend of mine neglected to pack hers and her hubby ended up trotting her goodies in to the hospital in plastic shopping bags. She said it was horrific. No privacy, no order, everything on display. go, go pack what you can.
    Actually, I remember I couldn't pack too much as I was still wearing the things I needed.
    How exciting you are getting closer to meeting the new little family member.

  5. that is just the cutest........i'm off to nz in the morning for my sister having her fourth.......are you going to have anymore??? my goodness i think two would be it for me, i hope and pray everything goes smoothly for you and your little bub much love to your cute family lisa xx

  6. What a stunning image, oh Amanda, you look amazing, love Posie

  7. Posie - If only that were a shot of me :) It's just a beautiful image I came across somewhere in blogland.

  8. Hi Amanda, how time has flown! Wont be long and you will meet your new bubs - head first or feet first but healthy! I had a stubborn little feet first one - as long as they get into our arms all safe and healthy then life is good xx

  9. What a sweet conversation between the two of you:) You've done well to have just had your belly button pop now, mine became an outie very early on. I hope you have a good week and get all the things you've got planned completed. I hope bub moves around, there's still time so I'm sending positive vibes your way. Have a good week lovely. x

  10. Ark, I thought the pic was you for a minute and was about to go into a lengthy post about staying 35 weeks pregnant forever because you look absolutely the best preggers woman I've ever encountered and...

    I'm sure you do anyway! Especially with your missing belly button. And yes, safe delivery is all that matters. Get any dream image of the birth out of your head right this minute just go with the, er, flow... !! x

  11. they sat the funniest things :)crossing my fingers for you that bub turns back, but so glad to hear that all else is well. closer to my time I must make a little bag of things for the preschooler too...
    hope you get some comfy sleep tonight!

  12. Oh, the excitement is mounting now, Amanda. I hope that skirt came in handy. I agree with packing the bag sooner rather than later. That's one thing you actually do have control over! J x

  13. Grace's comment made me laugh! What a cutie pie... I will be thinking of you during this time. :)

  14. Priceless! I think Grace will love to read those records of your conversations when she grows up...

    Hoping that the babe does/has done a little flip...but either way, I'm sure the birth will go well and you'll end up with a beautiful little being. x

  15. Thinking of you, hon and hope bub is head down for next appointment. Let's know how you get along? Grace's comments are gorgeous. Lily going through a 'baby is welcome to stay in the belly' phase. Was kinda expecting it though, especially after setting up the baby hammock in our room. Will you take a blogging break? Take care x


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