Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Pink Ribbon Day Party

Each year for the past few years, I’ve held a fundraiser to raise money for Pink Ribbon Day and breast cancer research. Pink Ribbon Day usually falls in October, but with my due date being the 18th of October, I decided to hold one in September instead. I tried to be sensible however, keeping my guest list small and sticking to a small number of dishes (two of which I had others make, one of which I bought).

My lovely friend Lyndell managed to take some photos for me so I could focus on being a good hostess, so here are some details from the party…

For the food, as I shared with you all in my Party Planning Tips post a while back, I tried to balance my sweet and savoury dishes which included

- Finger sandwiches (chicken, chives & aioli and cheese & cucumber)
- Chicken and mango balls
- Homemade sausage rolls
- Fresh fruit
- Scones with jam and cream
- Lemon and pistachio slice
- Mini raspberry melting moments
- Mini chocolate mousses

This would have been the perfect amount of food for the 14 guests who were coming. With all the extra plates people rocked up with (despite my saying to ‘just bring yourself’) we had plenty.

For the main table, a piece of floral fabric left over from Grace’s quilt made a table runner and fit in well with the Cath Kidston napkins I showed you a sneak peek of in Monday’s post. All my dishes were served on white or glass platters. With the same scanned pattern I used on my invites, I made some little signs on Microsoft Publisher to label each platter. Above the table, I hung a string of fabric bunting which I quickly whipped up using scraps of material. You can see it in the background of the shot below where Grace is ‘riding’ Asha and in the invite shot above.

As for flowers, I used two jars of snapdragons on the main table along with two floating red camelias from our garden. On the drinks table and smaller tables around which guests were seated, jars of pink ranunculi made a pretty show.

As gifts for each guest, I ordered some more of those pretty bags I used at my Teatime Treats Cooking Club from Etsy store Jade L’il Craft and filled each with packets of seeds (some were flower seeds, some were vegetable seeds depending on the guest). A little label and some washi tape to seal the back finished them off nicely and I displayed them in a little fabric covered box.

To raise money for breast cancer research, I held a little raffle. The prize was a geranium plant and was won by one of my aunties who has the most beautiful cottage garden which I thought was quite appropriate.

Overall, it was an enjoyable morning (after the chaos of last minute setting up and food preparation) and the weather held off for us so we could enjoy the sunshine outside. Thank you to my guests who brought along a plate, to my Mum and best friends who helped me set up, prepare food and clean up afterwards and especially to Lyndell for taking these gorgeous photos for me and letting me share them with you all here on my blog.

Be sure to check back on Friday for my party related giveaway…

All photos © Lyndell (except the dodgy invite shot which I took)


  1. That looks like such a wonderful event Amanda. Good on you for doing it :) And didn't Lyndell take fabulous photos. Love them all, especially the one of Grace eyeing off the food! And I'm salivating looking at those chicken and mango balls.

  2. Wow Amanda it looks and sounds like a wonderful morning tea for such a fabulous cause... just beautiful. X

  3. Kerry - I love the photo of Grace eyeing off the table too - she helped herself to many treats :) The chicken and mango balls were the dish I outsourced.

  4. i love the tables decorations so vintage and very pretty...well done all look it all!! got to laugh at grace wanted to have a ride from Mr doggy { to funny }xx

  5. It all looks absolutely beautiful. What gorgeous details with the seed packets and food labels. I adore those melting moments. Yum!

  6. i admire you! very inspirational Amanda, well done ♥

  7. Everything is so pretty and all for a wonderful cause. x x

  8. Fabulous party! Love those cupcakes! Have a beautiful day, Kellie xx

  9. looks really lovely but I cant get over how much Grace has grown!! Adorable, Amanda....

  10. This is just astounding, Amanda. How you've pulled it off so beautifully when 36 weeks pregnant is most impressive, my friend. Just beautiful. I can see you're going to be my 'go to girl' for party tips from now on ☺. J x

  11. You are amazing, Amanda. It just looks so fabulous. Definitely advice I will be revisiting next time we have a party :)

  12. Amanda,
    you are amazing to be doing so much, for others, at this time - I'm sure it was appreciated by all who shared the day with you and also for the most worthwhile cause.

    Gorgeous photo of Grace at the table, just love those little moments that we can catch!

    Stay healthy,
    Christine xo

  13. What a great cause to support - your party looks beautiful. I love how you presented everything (and what a yummy assortment of food!).

  14. You're a marvel Amanda!!! And an inspirational, great job
    Jane x

  15. What a stylish morning tea! So pretty and dainty - just the way it should be. You're amazing for organising such an event at this stage of your pregnancy, even if you outsourced a few dishes! I'm in awe!

    Ps. I think it's wonderful that it was a fundraiser for Pink Ribbon Day too. x

  16. Oh my gosh, you've done an amazing job! Well done Looks great! x

  17. It looks fantastic Amanda, so impressive to do it so far into your pregnancy too! I hope you had a lovely time, and the food, those biscuits look yum-oh. I hope you had a nice peaceful and relaxing weekend.

  18. Amanda you've gone to so much trouble it all looks so amazing. You've done a really beautiful thing, it will be truly appreciate. I hope you are all well. xo

  19. Stunning Amanda, all of it. I adore all of those pink flowers.

  20. Great job Amanda! Its all so perfect! So pretty! {hehehe Love the doggy riding photo too!}

  21. You are too much! And could Grace be any cuter??!!

  22. I admire you for hosting a pink ribbon day even when you're pregnant. Great job with styling your table. It looks very beautiful! I like the photo of Grace from the back looking at the delicious looking food. Adorable!

  23. How lovely are you! What a fantastic idea, it turned out so beautiful.

    Bek xx


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