Friday, March 9, 2012

Kitchen Ponderings Times Three

I had intended to share a recipe with you all today for some biscuits I tried out yesterday. However, I’ve decided to give them another go and perfect them a bit more before I do that. Instead, I thought I’d share with you some thoughts I have for a few small touches I’d like to add to our kitchen…

For some time, I’ve been searching for two bar stools for our kitchen bench. I wanted somewhere for Grace to sit and help me bake or to be able to have a snack while I prepared meals. They had to be simple, not too heavy and not stick out too far from underneath the counter top. Last week, I bought two cheap ones which I think will do the trick nicely. You see, my idea for these stools is to paint them. However, now that I’ve sanded them back and had Mum’s partner trim them down as they were a smidgen too tall, I’m a bit apprehensive about the actual painting part. My initial thought was to go with a soft colour, in a pale or icy blue. Part of me now wonders whether that is the way to go though or whether to stick to good old white.

In other decisions, back before Christmas as I was rushing through a department store trying to finish our gift shopping, I spotted a plate which stopped me in my tracks. Anything blue and white is bound to catch my eye and this Villeroy and Boch plate above sure did that. I snapped it up as a ‘Christmas present for myself’. My idea for this plate is to hang it on the wall above our oven. It was a suggestion a few of you gave on an old post of mine where I was asking for some ideas for our kitchen. Now I’m trying to decide whether to put it up there by itself, or whether two find a few smaller ones to accompany it.

The final thing I’m pondering is whether or not to spend some of my birthday money on the cute pewter measuring spoons above which have been on my wishlist for some time now. I think they would be perfect on the wall in our stovetop nook where all the tiled walls look very bare. However, the width of the copper rail the birds are sitting on falls virtually exactly on the grout between our tiles. There’s also a power point beneath (although I’ve heard there is some little gadget you can buy to help you detect whether there are wires where you want to drill.

So dear readers, what do you think of my ideas? Blue or white? One plate or several? To purchase or not?

Pewter measuring spoons image from Charleston Gardens


  1. oh you MUST buy those spoons! they are just too adorable and would look perfect in that spot!

  2. I LOVE those measuring spoons! They are GORGEOUS, def get them! As for the plates I think things always look good clustered together. If they have a smaller version it could look nice to have your main one then a couple of small ones either side or something like that. And then once you've decided on the plates etc it will probably help you decide on the stool colour. White or icy blue would both look great. What about white and then dip the legs in icy blue, have you seen that done? I saw it in real living a while ago - then you get the best of both worlds and also the legs wont show up scuff marks as much with a slightly darker colour near the floor?
    Can't wait to see what you do!

    1. I actually saw the legs of some stools that had been 'paint dipped' in my search online yesterday :)

  3. Anything with birds and I go cookoo - you definately should be spoiling yourself and buying those bird spoons :)

  4. Spoons definitely. How very cute.

  5. I love the spoons - you've got to get them!
    I think blue would be lovely for the bar stools - pick a nice soft shade and they'll really stand out against your island. If you don't like them you can always paint them white later. I'd also get a couple more plates as one can be a bit lonely! Looking forward to seeing what you do BUT you must buy those spoons if nothing else! x

  6. I love those spoons! They are so cute.

    I'd paint the stools a lovely colour. You can always paint back over them!

  7. Love the spoons. Definitely treat yourself to those beauties xx

  8. So many thoughts, Lovely. As for the stools, I'd go the pale blue. Keeping white clean with two littlies is too much of a pain, believe me! As for the plates, I'd be buying a few more and using them - they're just so divine ☺. And as for the spoons, they are very cute. But I do wonder whether they'd keep falling off the wall, especially when little hands can help them! J x

  9. Don't worry Jane, the spot I have ear marked for those spoons is in the last photo above, high out of reach of little ones' hands :)

  10. Ooh, those spoons are a must Amanda! Love the plate and I tend to go for clusters of things so a few more would be for the stools, I go with a pop of colour...icy blue would look great :)


  11. Hi Amanda - happy to see you found some stools! they look similar to my "vintage" ones at my bench! I was contemplating the whole painting thing too, if i could be bothered i'd go white... I love the idea of the dipped stools! Love the blue and white plate - i love grouping - so definitely a few more and the little spoons are very sweet! Gorgeous - get them! Nice kitchen touches :))

  12. That plate is beautiful Amanda, very elegant. Those spoons are very very sweet, they are definitely a lovely gift to get yourself for your birthday. xx


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