Friday, May 24, 2013

Capturing The 'Now'

Lately, I've been more conscious than ever of documenting our daily life and 'capturing the now' as much as I can. Time is passing far too quickly for my liking and I find myself wishing for a way to pause this stage somehow, to bottle up all the characteristics of our two little ones at the ages they are and to savour all of the small, precious moments that occur day in and day out in our household.

Over the week just gone, I made sure my camera was close by...

These two followed each other around constantly as usual - I love the way they are side by side in this photo, with the same thing capturing their attention.

Our much loved camellia has provided such a magnificent display again. A carpet of pink petals surrounds its base like a tree skirt with even more flowers covering the branches and glossy green leaves. I've come to think of it as the 'birthday bush', providing a spectacular show year after year when Grace's birthday arrives, reminding me of that precious day four years ago when we brought her home from hospital, welcomed by this same sight.

The girls have had much enjoyment using a box of chalk Grace received for her birthday, sitting out in the sunshine, enjoying the warmth as they drew away side by side... I smiled as I walked past our bore and found their 'artwork'.

At grocery shopping, a new toothbrush was bought for Sophie, which she insisted on carrying home in the car and kept clutched in her hand for most of the morning. After tea however, as I went to brush her teeth, it was nowhere to be found. I searched the house high and low, thinking of every potential hiding spot. It wasn't until the following day that I noticed it had been poked into the fridge door.

I felt such a strong feeling of deja vu as I looked up to see Sophie drawing away at the kitchen table while I prepared breakfast one morning this week, the light streaming in softly behind her. I immediately thought back to this photo of Grace taken last year.

Yet another reminder of how fast the years are passing...


  1. You have a couple of adorable girls there, Amanda. I didn't know you have a dog! Or does it belong to someone else? Very pretty dog!

  2. So beautiful Amanda. I think it's so lovely to capture those fleeting moments as often as you can. There's a saying isn't there that the key to happiness is recognising and tucking away those fleeting moments of beauty so that when you look back in your memory, that's what you see. These photos give such a sense of serenity and calm, too (something I'm forever chasing!) x

  3. I laughed heartily when I saw that photo of the toothbrush in the fridge!!!! So many sweet photos - you have two very adorable little girls!

  4. these images are so beautiful amanda and your words tug at the heart strings. i feel the same way and so desperately want the time to freeze. those flowers are stunning xx

  5. These are just beautiful Amanda, these little snippets in time to capture things that happened when they were little. I have lots of little photos, even more now since I've started blogging, of when the girls were younger. I love looking over them and remembering those little moments even if there is a tinge of sadness. xxx

  6. I am right with you! I have been focused on capturing moments too. When I look back over the week it is so nice to see that so much joy happened in between the normal mama struggles. Love that top puppy pic!!! Xx


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