Monday, May 20, 2013

Grace's 4th Birthday Party

Grace's birthday party on the weekend was a lovely, small celebration.  No stress and no fuss but fun-filled and happy nonetheless.

A few weeks back, I sat down with my big girl to discuss her cake.  Thinking she would choose a novelty one, I was surprised when her choice turned out to be a simply decorated cake, iced in her favourite colour... orange.  And so, orange became the focus for a simple birthday celebration. I designed an invitation for her while she sat with a handful of envelopes and painted bright blooms on all of them. Pearly orange balloons were bought, along with a bunch of beautiful deep peach-coloured roses and party favour bags were decorated by Grace with flowers drawn on the front.

Waking on Saturday, the air was chilly and the sky overcast.  Sipping my tea in front of our fireplace, glancing out the window, I feared our party would have to be an indoors one.  However, we decided to chance things and in the end, the clouds cleared up and we were welcomed by blue skies and sunshine... perfect morning tea weather and ideal for little ones to be able to run around our backyard.

Being a small celebration, we didn't organize any games.  Much fun was had instead playing 'What's The Time Mr Wolf?' and riding around on bikes and scooters.  When I asked Grace what the highlight of her party was, she told me it was being able to play with her cousins.

The birthday cake itself was an orange cake, decorated in Fruit Tingle buttercream.  Pastel-hued, crushed-up Fruit Tingles were dotted throughout the icing, giving it a scrumptious sherbet-kick.

On Saturday night, as I looked back over photos from Grace's party, I realised how often, it is the simple, good old- fashioned get-togethers that are the best... not too overwhelming for little ones, not too big to cater for food wise and not too much to have to organize... and from a child's perspective, so long as there is cake, good company and goodie bags, that's all that matters...


  1. So true. It looks perfect and the fruit tingle icing sounds delicious! X

  2. So cute and fun!

  3. Seriously Amanda, this party is exactly what a party should be - all about celebration. I love the relaxed, homely feel. The cake is AH-MAZING and you can see Grace's joy as she plays and runs. Perfection. Wish I could be there to join in :(

  4. I love Grace's party, it's really sweet. I especially love the flowers she painted for her invitations, that's a great idea and the orange is so pretty. Also, how yummy is that fruit tingle buttercream - so good (and so sweet!). Happy Birthday Grace!

  5. Happy birthday Grace! Sounds like a great way to celebrate to me. Sometimes playing with your friends gets lost amongst all the planned birthday activities and didn't Grace's plans fit in nicely with your simplifying thoughts from your holiday!

    Love the sound of that icing, I almost always have a roll of Fruit Tingles in my bag for an emergency bit of sugar.

  6. Happy Birthday to your sweet girl, I think these kinds of parties are the best too, and fruit tingle icing - what a great idea!

  7. Just beautiful Amanda all of it. You are such a wonderful mother Grace is going to look back on these times and remember them so fondly and will probably do exactly the same thing for her children:) That photo of Grace and Sophie is just beautiful, both of them looking at the cake so intently and both with gorgeous blue eyes. xx

  8. What a fun party! I love the invitations along with the "orange" theme! The cake is so pretty and looks delicious! Happy Birthday, Grace!


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