Saturday, July 20, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

Grace:  This capture is so reminiscent of her lately... hair wild and unbrushed, sitting at the kitchen table at various times of the day, drawing or creating.  Her pencil grip is more conventional now than the old fist hold she used for so long, her illustrations so much more detailed and imaginative.

Sophie: Out of sorts today as her cold has freshened up yet again... sickness has been never ending here this winter.  All week, she has carried around those two keys, adding them to the collection of what she calls 'treasures' which she drags around... a rock, a gemstone, a pom-pom and now, those keys.

Joining in with Jodi

Last week I smiled at Sash's darling little Bo - the description of their morning porridge ritual was equally as endearing as the gorgeous trio of photos.


  1. Grace sounds like a crafty little girl. It is always lovely to watch them grow and develop and mature with their drawing styles, they always fascinate me. Poor little Sophie I hope her cold doesn't get any worse and clears up quickly. I can just see her carrying around all her little treasures, so very cute. Have a lovely Sunday my friend. xxx

  2. as a teacher i was always so fascinated by the development in childrens' writing and their artwork. from the simple drawings to the intricate, and with such imagination behind it. i've seen the change in olive's scribbles and love the joy she receives from drawing.

    i love the way that you display all your artwork and use it for wrapping paper, etc. no wonder she loves creative stuff so much.

    you might like this link luke sent to me, i thought it was/is a great idea & something i plan to do with olive when she's a bit bigger --

    i love the way sophie carries around her 'treasures' !! so cute...olive is exactly the same.

  3. Lovely portraits. It's wonderful so watch kids making their treasure and how they preserve them.

  4. you've captured some lovely moments. so sorry to hear Sophie has been sick xx

  5. it's funny the story of sophie's treasures!

  6. I do hope those winter colds leave you all alone soon
    I love Sophie's treasure collection - and I can feel how hard Grace is holding onto that twisty to get it all "just right" !

  7. Piper ALWAYS has treasures with her. Used parking tickets, a coin, lavender, rocks, a tissue, and yes, a pom pom too! Bless them! X

  8. Winter can be cruel. I hope poor Sophie is well soon. Grace looks so grown up here; like she could be in primary school! And those eye-lashes xxx


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