Thursday, July 4, 2013

Project 52 - Favourites At The Midway Point

Keeping up with this project as on some weeks been challenging.  However, halfway through the year and with already such a precious collection of moments and memories captured and with such changes and growth evident in both my girls, I'm so pleased I've kept going.  Following Jodi's suggestion and choosing three favourites was not easy but here is my shortlist for the first six months of this year...


8/52  The 'spot' had to be included. I love Sophie's inquisitiveness and curiosity in this shot, such strong personality traits of her at this age.  That freckle of hers continues to be a source of cuteness... a few weeks back as I was driving up and down the carpark at a shopping centre, impatiently trying to find somewhere to pull into, I remarked, 'There's no spots, Mummy can't find a spot'... Glancing in my rear vision mirror, I saw my little one pulling off her sock and replying, 'Spot! Spot!' pointing to her sole as if to say, 'Don't stress mum, I've got one right here you can have!'  Precious.

15/52  I love the gentleness of this shot... the cute sailor hat, the clutching of her 'baby' and those sweet little facial features...

24/52  This photo captured so much of our little one... her abundance of cheekiness, that grin, her ability to go from clean to filthy in a millisecond, the way she smiles with her whole face and her adorable personality...


5/52  Being able to see and touch her mama's wedding dress was so special for us both.  Her excitement as she tried on my veil and ran her fingers carefully across the intricate beading on my dress was so heart warming and such a beautiful mother-daughter activity...

14/52  This shot remains one of my all time favourites of my big girl... her sweet little face matching her delicate nature... she really is such a 'Grace'...

17/52  Our trip to Denmark saw Grace in her element among her beloved farm animals... her gentle way and fondness for animals so very clear in this photo...

Here's to another six months of memory making and moments I can capture and 'bottle up'...


  1. They're all lovely and sweet photos, Amanda, but the last one of Grace with the baby animals is my favorite. The way the little kid is nestled into Grace's lap and how she is reaching out to the lamb is so darling.

    1. It was the sweetest thing ever Claudia. That little kid actually fell asleep in her lap, he was very content and cosy there. The other little lamb kept trying to jostle in for some love :)

  2. Oh the sweetness, Amanda. Sophie's spot is hilarious! And Grace in your veil is such a picture. Bravo, my friend. J x

  3. Love the last pics of each of the girls, adorable. Sophie definitely seems more outgoing than Grace.

    1. It's funny how they have such unique little personalities, both lovable but both such different characters :)

  4. These are beautiful Amanda. I love how much you can see your little one's personalities shine through in these photos. I especially love that photo of Sophie looking at the spot on her foot and Grace softly touching your veil. xx


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