Saturday, February 7, 2015

2015 Portraits: January

"Monthly portraits of my girls in 2015"

Sophie: Messy curls, sunkissed skin and chubby little hands... exactly what I want to remember from this photo in years to come...

Grace: Pottering about in the fairy garden under the shade of our frangipani tree.  Last week, Paul said to me, "Do you realise that after this year, Grace will have completed almost forty per cent of her primary school education?" A heartbreaking thought.  If only I could slow down time... the years are passing too quickly for my liking...

Joining in with Jodi


  1. Such gorgeous girls you have there Amanda. The years pass far too quickly but these photos will be so nice for you all to look back on. xx

  2. hi! such gorgeous girsl Amanda I cant believe how fast they are growing. xox

  3. Your girls are getting prettier every day, they are going to be little heart breakers in no time! x

  4. Oh my I can't believe how grown up Grace looks here in this photo Amanda, she is such a big girl now. The years do go by so very fast, too fast sometimes. I can't believe my oldest only has this year and next and she will be finished her schooling!! Wow. xx


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