Monday, February 23, 2015

Snippets Of Our Week

1.  When there is an unusual silence during post lunch 'quiet time', Sophie is usually up to no good. However on this particular day when I poked my head in to check, I found she had set herself up comfortably reading.

2.  My happy little cherub and I have shared the same hair woes in this summer humidity... frizzy curls and fly-aways locks. She carries the look much better than I do though...

3.  Once we're finished our current bedtime read, we cannot wait to get stuck into Grace's new book (bought on the weekend with the voucher she won for an award at school last year).

4.  Our new toadstool house in the fairy garden has seen two little girls regularly leaving notes and other offerings for the pixie-folk.  It has kept this 'mama-fairy' busy and often seen me creep outside in the dark to retrieve bits and pieces that have been left.  Last night, at 10.40, I remembered I'd not removed the thank you note Grace had written...  However, I said a quiet thank you to those fairies myself, as when I went to fetch it, I discovered I'd gone to bed having left the back door open and unlocked...

5.  After doing a bit of house-cleaning last Tuesday, I was wondering which activity to sit and do with Sophie when nature provided us with the perfect one.  We were so surprised to discover a wayward ibis in our front garden as we do not live in particularly close distance to a lake or wetland area. We spent the next forty minutes tip-toeing between the bedroom and lounge room windows watching this friendly fellow scratching about in the leaf litter and pecking at the spiderwebs on our window frames before he flew across the road and disappeared into the neighbourhood...


  1. Love the curls! I get the frizz too but have JUST found (after 31 years of looking ;)) a good product from the MUK brand - a curl definer without the crunchy feel. I think we need a fairy garden at our house too!!! Great idea. x

  2. Sophie is sooo darn cute and that hair. I know you probably curse the hair you have on humid days but what I would give for those curls xx

  3. My hair looks exactly like that right now - it's hard being a curly top in the summertime! She looks adorable, though and it reminds me that our curls truly are youthful, fresh and fun.

    Love your fairy garden, Amanda. What a sweet house! x

  4. Oh my hairr is terrible in the humidity - I could never live in QLD!!
    Sweet fairy garden... I miss that

  5. I hear you on the frizz! It's been so bad. I love that photo of Sophie on her chair with her feet up reading. Just adorable!

  6. I adore that photo of Sophie relaxing and reading her book:) It is wonderful how little ones like fairies and you encourage that make believe play. I once made a door to put onto one of our trees when the girls were little, so very sweet were those times. xxx


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