Friday, August 27, 2010

Treasures From Nanna

Last week, my 89 year old Nanna moved out of her unit and into an aged care facility. While her mind is still active, sadly her knees aren’t what they used to be and several falls have led to this move. I’ve always been close to my Nanna and when I was teaching in the same suburb where she lived, I’d often call in on my way home from work to have a cuppa with her. These days she looks forward to my visits even more as I have Grace in tow who always brightens her day.

We visited my Nanna last weekend in her new home and I have to admit, I left feeling a bit sad. While the new place she’s staying at is lovely (it’s a brand new facility), I knew that our visits wouldn’t quite be the same again. Grace didn’t seem to mind though and discovered Nanna’s stash of lollies within the first few minutes. I’m hoping when we visit her today, she is more settled in.

My sister and cousin and I have each chosen a collection of pieces from Nanna's house. It is my Nanna who I like to think I got my love of all things homely from and I’m very excited with the items I’ve inherited as they are all pieces I love and will use and which will all bring back memories of happy times.

Do you have any pieces from an elderly relative that have sentimental meaning to you?


  1. What lovely things and wonderful memories. I do hope your Nanna settles in to her new home well and makes many happy memories there. I have a couple of china cup/saucer/plate sets from my grandma who died a long time ago, and a lovely blue and white plate she had hanging on the wall. I also have a small glass dish of shells on my desk that I collected a while ago. While they're not from her they remind me of us stringing shells together to make necklaces when I was very little. It's the memories that are most important. Have a lovely weekend :)

  2. It's a sad time when this happens, but she'll be in good hands. I just know it will be my knees when I'm old that puts me into care. I only hope I have the same good fortune as your Nanna to have my brain working beautifully! It's the only way to age!! x

  3. I'm sorry about your Nanna, but like Maxabella said, she'll be in good hands.

    And yes, I do have something from a relative that has sentimental meaning! A few years ago my grandma gave me a small diamond ring that her husband (my grandfather) had given to her over 40 years ago. I haven't taken it off once since :)

  4. Such a huge change for your Nanna, Amanda. But with your love (and sweet Grace) I am sure that she will settle into her new home. It is so lovely that you get to spend time with her. I would give absolutely anything to have my Nan back...but sadly that is not possible. I have a few things that belonged to my Nan, nothing valuable in the dollar sense, but all priceless to me as they are reminders and tangible links to her that bring back such wonderful memories. I hope that your visit with your Nanna today is just as special as always and hope Grace enjoys those lollies ;) Happy weekend Amanda ~ Txx

  5. Your Nanna has given you some beautiful treasures and memories Amanda!

    We have just recently gone through the same with my husband's Grandma and it certainly is hard to see them adjust to this new stage. It's been a few months now and I visited her on Tuesday for morning tea and she is definitely settling in more and loves participating in all the activities they provide. It takes time though.

    My mum's parents passed away when I was very young and my dad's father before I was even born, I only really remember my Nanna (my dad's mum) and we were extremely close (I was the first grandchild). I sadly lost my Nanna when I was just 21 and she left me some lovely things also. My most treasured though is her engagement ring which I have worn on my right hand ever since.

    It's lovely that you visit her with Grace, I'm sure those visits are the highlight of her week.

  6. i bet your nana doesn't mind so much seeing as she has a lovely granddaughter and great granddaughter coming to visit her regularly, i'd imagine it's the highlight of her week.

    that cherry blossoms plate is very very pretty. i don't have any sentimental pieces but i do eye off a lovely granny blanket at my grandparents that i would one day like to inherit.

    the prints charming fabric was from, not sure that they still have it though seeing as it was so very long ago!

  7. What beautiful items and memories!

    I have a teal and pink crocheted blanket that my great uncle had made for me when I was a baby. He passed away about a year and a half ago, so it is very special to me.

  8. I love the photo, Amanda! I have an obsession for old pics!

    My mum had the diamond from my grans engagement ring made into a ring for me for my 18th birthday. It's a lovely daily reminder of her.

    Also, my sister and I were her only granddaughters and only found out during my wedding planning that she put money away to buy our wedding dresses. She passed away a year before my wedding. I would have loved her to have seen me in my dress. I think she would have approved!

    Vari @ Buttercup Ink xx

  9. Such gorgeous items! And I'm sure that your visits make her week.
    I have a fuzzy coat of my grandma's (Oma) that I still wear. I think it's a 50s or 60s London coat. Love those old pics - your Nanna is beautiful :)

  10. Vari - that is SO lovely that your gran put aside money for you and your sister's wedding dresses - what a thoughtful gesture x

  11. Amanda, I'm sure she'll be just fine in her new home and will make some great new friends too. It's lovely that you've got the chance to have some treasures from her.....I can think of nothing better than sitting down with a cuppa in one of her gorgeous cups and saucers. Some lovely memories to be treasured!

  12. It's lovely to hear you have such a great relationship with your Nanna. I was very close to my Nan too, and it's a relationship I'll always cherish. And how nice to have a few of her special trinkets to keep. Hope her big move goes well and that she settles into her new home very soon. K xx

  13. She sounds like a beautiful Nanna Amanda. I havent had a Nanna for 22 years and love hearing stories of peoples memorable times with theirs. I love to watch my children with my parents and constantly remind them to enjoy the times - they are many...I have my nanna's breakfast set - tea cup, saucer and rectangle toast plate. Its nice to hear Grace brightens her day.
    Rebecca x

  14. This reminds me of my grandma. It can be a very sad time, but cherish those memories with her no matter where you are. That is wonderful her mind is healthy. When my grandma wasn't doing well, it was mostly her mind and she eventually didn't know who I was. That made me appreciate how important mental health is!

  15. I know exactly how you feel Amanda. My great aunt had to move a few years ago into an aged care facility. It really changed our visits as well as when we visited her previously (in the north west of Tas) we would stay wih her and hang out in her old kitchen having cups of tea all day. Now it's more of a drop in visit and that's it. Quite sad really.
    When he was getting ready to move she gave away a tonne of her hings and I was lucky to adopt some lovely teacups. One of my favourites is exactly the same as the one on the left of your first image! How about that!? They're very special to me :)
    Have a lovely weekend xx

  16. It is sad when they have to leave their home. My grandmother was doing quite well but has recently become so despondent, she won't really talk to anyone, barely eats and won't walk anywhere. I've tried everything but she's just fed up with feeling so frail. I hope your grandmother feels settled soon, it's such an upheaval for them. The pieces you've inherited are gorgeous. I have a few little things from my grandparents. The RAAF locket my grandfather gave my grandmother and her green and white china set. They're very treasured..Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  17. I hope your nan settles in and feels happy. My nan gave me a ring that i just adore...

    Hope your weekend is going perfectly well! xx

  18. Grandmothers are very special people aren't they?

    My aunt had the diamonds from my grandmother's engagement ring put into necklaces for all of the grandaughters. I never met my grandmother as she died before I was born so I really treasure the little diamond that once belonged to her. I also have a ring that belonged to my other grandmother who died a few years ago. It's just a simple ring but I think of her every time I wear it.

    I hope your grandmother settles in ok to her new home. I'm sure with visits from you and little Grace she'll do ok xx

  19. It's sad when they have to leave their familiar surrounds so I hope she settles in okay and makes the space feel like her own. Unfortunately none of my grandparents are still around so you are lucky to still have her here. My grandmother left me a wooden chest which I have entrusted to my mother until she passes it on to me. I also still have a trinket box she gave me when I was quite young - altho' it has no real value it reminds me of her so I will never throw it out.
    Hope you are having a great weekend. Michelle

  20. Those sweet little treasures, Amanda, I'm sure you will cherish then for ever. I hope your lovely nanna will soon settle in and find her way.
    Have a happy weekend! xx

  21. I hope your nanna settles in to her new home & enjoys it there.
    beautiful treasures to use & think of her.
    happy week to you ♥

  22. The photos of your Nana are just beautiful Amanda. It's lovely to have things that once belonged to you Nana that bring with it so many happy memories. I hope your Nana settles in to her new home.

    I have a couple of treasures that once belonged to my Grandma, a brooch she wore when she did Scotish Highland dancing and her wedding ring, and each time I see them I think of her, they are very special to me.

    Have a wonderful week. xo

  23. Those are lovely dishes! My grandma has this Noritake dish set that was her grandma's... I was so scared to handle them!

  24. I love the plates! These are most definately Crown Lynn. I will see if I can find out the pattern name. Thank you for sharing xo


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