Friday, October 22, 2010

Four Things

I always find it so hard thinking of anything interesting to share when it comes to blogging games but a few weeks ago, Bec from Memory Garden kindly tagged me in one. So today, I thought I’d share a little bit more about myself by playing along. I have to share the following lists with you…

4 Things That… are usually in my handbag

• A snack for Grace (a box of sultanas can keep her happy for ages!!)
• Lucas’ paw paw ointment
• Face and hand wipes
• My diary

4 Things That… are in my bedroom

• The two little Ikea stools I painted which are our ‘dumping spots’
• My pile of library books I am working my way through
• A notepad and pen for late night jottings
• Two wooden swans from my Nanna's old house

4 Things That… I would like to do but never did

• Swim with the whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef
• Visit London
• Live in the country
• Learn ballet (a childhood wish)

4 Things That… you don’t know about me

• My wardrobe is mostly white, grey or black with a few random colours thrown in.
• I like vintage Corningware dishes (the blue cornflower pattern)
• Growing up I wanted to be an architect, a journalist or a graphic designer – I ended up becoming a primary school teacher.
• I am extremely indecisive when it comes to decorating – I can pick up several items in a store, deliberate over them for some time and end up walking out empty handed!

I’d like to tag the following four ladies to play along if they’d like to…

• Kaho of Chuzai Living
• Simone at Honey and Fizz
• Jane at Life on Planet Baby
• Sonia at Raine and Sage

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend...


  1. Amanda!! I saw my name and I was totally delighted! Yes, I will! I find many common things with you. I wanted to take ballet lesson growing up, but I never did because I thought I was too stiff! I have a lot of white and gray in my wardrobe. I am very indecisive when it comes to shopping, period. I would grab many things in my cart and walk out with none or one. Except when I go to a Target store. I go there to get one item and walk out with a bunch!

  2. Happy hugs for a wonderful weekend, Amanda xxx

  3. lucas' pawpaw ointment has a permanent spot in my bag as well and there is another tube on my bedside table!

    have you been to turnstyle collectibles in claremont? they have a nice little collection of vintage corningware. i got my first collection piece from there for my birthday this year after drooling over them for years!

  4. Good to see someone else with a white, grey and black wardrobe! ... and I still carry handwipes in my bag 13 years after the fact. A-M xx

  5. So nice to find out more about you Amanda...i love these little tags for that!
    Enjoy your weekend x

  6. What nice lists! I used to be obsessed by those glomesh adverts in my mum's old cleo and cosmo magazines (when I was a child) that showed the contents of the purses. I have clearly been a sticky beak all my life! I really enjoy reading these posts :)
    ps thanks for your lovely birthday wishes x

  7. Megan - I will definitely have to add Turnstyle Collectibles to my 'must visit' list - haven't been to that one before so thanks for letting me know :)

  8. I feel you on the shopping indecisions ... decorating is big decisions you've got to be sure your sure even it it means having to go back to the same shop the next week!

  9. great list and thanks for the insight into your life and you! love the country picture - would love a driveway like that one :)

  10. Thats great Amanda! I have the same little gold box in the photo :) I also often walk out of a shop after deliberating for ages,my partner thinks I am crazy! I think your 'to do list' is incredibly achievable! Thanks for playing, have a great weekend xx

  11. Bec - that's so funny you have the same box!! It's one of my favourite things :)

  12. Oh my, Amanda! Thanks so much for thinking of me (blush). I couldn't believe my eyes to see my name popping up here. I promise I'll respond properly tomorrow, you sweet thing. J x

  13. Fun to read your answers! I love vintage Corningware dishes too! I have always wanted to be an architect :)

  14. I like this tag Amanda, it's lovely to read little things about you : )
    I am the same with clothes but I have been trying to add more colour, and I wanted to be an architect too but you had to study it in launceston and I didn't want to have to go there, ironically my best friend ended up doing it instead!

  15. love that black outfit on your bed :) best le

  16. I'm a bit the same with my wardrobe colours too, I've tried adding a few different colours this season buying a deep red colour pair of shoes which is a bit daring for me(lol). And I am so indecisive, mostly with clothes, it takes me ages to decide and often I make me decision when I get home. My hubby finds it a bit frustrating when he comes shopping with me (lol). Thank you for sharing those fun little things about you. xo

  17. Amanda, so great to hear more about you! Love those ducks, so nice to have things around that are attached to a memory. Makes things a bit more personal :) I can relate to the monotone wardrobe, although i don't have a problem with choosing items. Unfortunately I usually just buy a lot and tell myself I will find a spot for it! Thanks for tagging me, I love these games! Xx

  18. I love reading your four things. We have lots in common as I would have suspected eg clothes colours, handbag contents, indecision re decorating etc. So enjoyed reading this Amanda!!!

  19. Awesome! Thank you for sharing your four things. It's nice to know that someone else wastes hours in stores deliberating over a few items and walks out empty handed. Sigh... PS - love your Nanna's wooden swans and that brass box! Pretty. xo

  20. I like these posts, it's nice to find out fun little things about you :)

    I know what you mean about the stools - I have two chairs for dumping purposes.

  21. Hi Amanda,

    Great way to learn more about one's little quirks. I will play along, thanks for tagging me. I'm just back from camping and have a mountain of washing, so once I've conquered that will get onto it.
    We have alot of similarites with colours, books & pawpaw ointment. I especially like the swans from your Nanna's place. x :)


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