Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where Has The Week Gone?

I can't believe it's be so long since I last posted. After thinking Grace was on the mend the last time I wrote, we ended up having a horrendous week with us all being unwell. Fortunately we were back to ourselves in time for Easter so we could get stuck into some yummy chocolate.

As for Easter itself, apart from a roast dinner at Mum's on Easter Sunday, ours was relatively quiet. The main thing we accomplished over the Easter break was doing lots of gardening in our backyard. Lots of plants we had transferred had shrivelled due to the scorching hot weather Perth had over the past few months so we were on the hunt for things to replace those as well as lots of low height bushes and 'filling in plants'. Grace was very eager to help water in all our new plants and enjoyed plodding around in her new pink gumboots that you can see in the photo above. Our gardening was perfectly timed as over the last few days, we've had a few lovely showers of rain.

To top off our Easter break, I had a wonderful day yesterday in the city yesterday shopping with a friend while Paul minded Grace. We both scored some bargains and I was especially excited to now have some 'stretchy' clothes to accomodate my growing belly. I found a wonderful longer length top in Witchery which is the ideal material for anyone who is pregnant, a singlet for layering from Country Road, a pretty pale pink ruffly top from Kookai, some flat boots that I plan on living in during winter and some wonderful maternity jeans from Jeans West (I had no idea they did maternity jeans until my friend said so and what a bargain they were at only $70 compared with usual priced maternity jeans).

Now I'm off to catch up on everyone else's posts to see what you've all got up to over the Easter period (with a compulsary cuppa and some Easter eggs nearby of course!)


  1. I'm glad to hear you are all better and had a lovely Easter. Shopping sounds like fun, you bought some lovely sounding things. I'd love some new flat boots for winter but they're quite the investment, aren't they?
    Enjoy your cuppa and eggs. I know I've eaten way too many choccy eggs :)

  2. Nice to know you are all feeling better Amanda, and in time for the chocolate too! Would have been lovely to just be at home and potter in the garden - our Easter was so hectic. Sounds like you scored some great bargains, nothing like a day shopping with a friend. Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Rebecca x

  3. Gardening is one of my favourite activities, so sounds like a great weekend to me; and especially a Mum's roast dinner!
    I bought a quality pair of flat boots last winter, and they have been a great investment, and will be hauled out again soon judging by our cool change.
    Look at Grace washing her dishes. Lovely shot!

  4. So fabulous to hear from you again, Lovely. That shopping trip sounds very successful. I'm going to email you now about some maternity clothes of mine you might like. J x

  5. Hi mate, so glad to hear you are all finally well, just in time for Easter too!
    Hope the garden recovers soon, Mum's has had some casualties too...
    Enjoy the cooler weather :)
    Flick xo

  6. hello possum, so glad to hear things going well.... I loved JW jeans to, he black skinny ones were my faves when preggers with Elliott!! xo

  7. glad to hear you are feeling better...sounds like you had lots of fun shopping and had a great Easter break and what great finds..chocolates Yum!! so nice to hear your better so you can enjoy them also.enjoy your week lovely:) xx

  8. How did I miss that you are pregnant again?! Congratulations! That is so exciting! I have a coworker who did her first round of IVF two weeks ago and we are waiting to hear how it went.

  9. So glad to hear that you're all, all better now, that's been a tough month! And Gracie looks so cute in her pink gumboots. Will has just learnt about jumping in puddles lately, I try to tell him 'only in your gumboots' but it's often in his other shoes which get saturated! Those clothes purchases sound great. I got my maternity jeans from jeans west too, and I loved them!

  10. Oh you're so lucky with pretty maternity, i won't even tell you what it was like in the Northern Territory for choice in the 1990s. Shudder. Witchery was fantastic back then though, i'd just get L & let it stretch!! Wishing you well, nothing worse than being sick while pregnant (on top of morning sickness if you suffer). Love Posie

  11. Good to hear you were all better in time for Easter! The retail therapy sounds lovely too. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your garden, my Mum is coming around tomorrow to help me do some gardening too :)

  12. Thanks for passing on the tip re maternity jeans from Jeans West! I've found some great stretchy tunics in Witchery that will grow with the belly. It's my first pregnancy and I am so put off by a lot of the 'maternity' shops and clothing lines. Hoping to buy regular, stretchy clothes for the majority of the I tripping?!

    Congratulations. x

  13. I found that selection for Maternity wear was much better the 2nd time around. Maybe I'm just more aware of it now, but I was pretty impressed with the quality and price too.

    Glad Grace is feeling better too. Seems so many people are sick at the moment, always happens with the change of seasons.

    Sounds like you had a nice quiet Easter, how lovely. I'm down to the last egg in my house... I can't believe Easter is over :(

  14. Hello sweetie. I'm glad that everyone is all better now and especially just in time to eat all that yummy chocolate. I love going in the garden it's tiring but the reward of it looking so pretty and neat is worth it. It sounds like a lovely day going out with your friend clothes shopping. Being pregnant in winter is so nice because the bub keeps you warm I loved it with the big girl. I hope you had a lovely weekend. xo


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