Monday, August 8, 2011

Cooking Club: Teatime Treats

On Saturday afternoon, we had our 'Teatime Treats' Cooking Club get together and I think this theme would have to be one of my favourites we've had so far. Dishes could be either sweet or savoury as long as they were something suitable for a morning or afternoon tea.

To decorate the table, I used a more 'Nanna-looking' white embroidered tablecloth and added some touches of pink and mauve with a bunch of pink ranunculi and two small jars of Geraldton Wax (which I snipped from the bushes growing beside the road at the end of the street). A piece of pretty pink floral fabric leftover from Grace's quilt made the perfect placemat for the centre of the table. I really didn't want to use my boring old white and silver crockery so I borrowed some pretty teacups, saucers and side-plates from my Mum and sister to put together with my own and ended up with a mix of different patterns, all within the same colour palette. I tried to research the correct way of setting the table for an afternoon tea - some references placed the cup and saucer on top of the side plate, others described what I did.

As a small party favour for each guest, I bought some cute floral paper bags from Etsy shop Jade L'il Craft which I filled with a selection of different tea bags. The spot prize for this month was a cookbook filled with scrumptious looking chocolate recipes.

Our menu consisted of:

- Chicken and Asparagus Sausage Rolls
- Arancini
- Lemon Cake
- Red Velvet Cupcakes
- Ginger Fluff Sponge
- Spicy Apple Teacake
- Chocolate Chip Cookies

Next month, we are going to have a potluck theme of 'Something I Enjoy Cooking' so I'm hoping we'll have a range of things like soup, mains, dessert, cake and so on.

For anyone who would like to try it out, here is the recipe for the Lemon Cake which was so moist and tasty...

Lemon Cake

5 eggs
250g castor sugar
250g melted butter
250g flour
1 tsp baking powder
2 lemons (juice and zest)
250g icing sugar
100g melted butter (for icing)

Beat eggs and sugar and then slowly add melted butter. Add sifted flour and baking powder and mix. Cook for approximately 10 mins at 180°C (my friend said she used her biggest slice tin which is about double the size of a normal one). For the topping, mix icing sugar, melted butter and the lemon juice and zest. Prick the cake with a fork and pour over topping mix while still hot and allow to soak through.


  1. Amanda, yum yum yum yum yum!! Your menu looks so scrumptious!! And I love your teacups and saucers, how lovely! You inspire me !
    Jane xxx

  2. Your table looks so feminine and pretty. What a great menu, I like the sound of it all; particularly the chicken and asparagus sausage roll. Since having kids, I love this type of fare and eating at civilised times. i.e. in the daytime! ha! x

  3. What a beatiful setting I love the mix of vintage pieces I bet your Mum will smile when she sees you using them :) Can I be cheeky and ask for the recipe for the chicken & asparagus sausage rolls? Hope you don't mind they sound really different x

  4. I wish I lived in WA so I could come to one of your fun cooking club get togethers:) You always go to so much trouble Amanda and the table looks so pretty. I love the little gifts you gave each of your guests in those pretty bags. And the menu sounds very yummy and it looks like Grace is enjoying herself there with all of you. Have a wonderful week lovely. xo

  5. Jane - thanks for the kind comment

    Sonia - yes, it's nice to be able to entertain, something we don't do a lot of these days :)

    Michelle - I'll email you :)

    Catherine - I wish we lived closer too, I'd love to have you along to one of our gatherings as you always have such yummy recipes to share. Grace loved helping with the taste testing :)

  6. What a pretty, pretty table!!! So perfect for an afternoon tea. Oooo I wish I could sample everything you had. Arancini is my fav Italian dish - YUM! I love the effort you put into the cooking club and that you're so generous to share the recipe and pics with us. Looks like it was a fantastic afternoon.

  7. Gosh, I wish I was there. What a menu! It's such a lovely idea. Rachaelx

  8. Your table looks so pretty Amanda, well done! I have a table cloth just like yours and I'm loving the sound of the menu, I'm dying to make red velvet cakes.

  9. A Cooking Club is a fabulous idea! Your table is lovely and the menu is mouth watering. I've just discovered your blog and look forward to visiting again soon!

  10. I love all the attention to detail you put into these days Amanda! Cooking club looks like it is coming along great guns, your menu for the Teatime Treats sound delicious. I love arancini!!

  11. What a fabulous tea time! The setup is gorgeous! Have a delightful day, Kellie xx

  12. It looks so pretty Amanda. I love the way you set up the table. Pink ranuncs are a treat.
    All the treats sound evry yummy. I'd like to try making Red Velvet cake.
    I was a bit slow to comment about your lounge room. I like your ideas but I can't decide whether I'd like the cane chair (which is very nice) or a big squishy armchair to sit in and read? Whatever you do will look great :)

  13. I really like the theme! I might suggest it to my foodie group. We usually get together on Friday evenings, but it might be fun to do it on Saturday afternoon and do an afternoon tea just like you!! You did a great job decorating your space!! So lovely!!


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