Friday, January 6, 2012

My Current Ikea ‘To Buy’ List

I think a trip to Ikea in the near future is in need. While browsing online recently, I wound up at their site and it was here that I found several new items to add to my wishlist.

Back in August, I had seen a cane armchair on Gumtree which I was disappointed to miss out on. Since then, I’ve been hunting for one with Paul still saying ‘why don’t you just find a new one you like that you won’t have to bother painting.” I do really like this one from Eco Chic, but it has a hefty price tag and I don’t want to really buy a chair online when I haven’t actually sat in it. Then, I discovered the new Ikea chair above. So long as it’s comfy when I sit in it and a suitable size, it looks perfect for what I have in mind.

The lanterns above would also be lovely on our patio where we are hoping to inject a bit of character. I like the effect of glowing candles when entertaining outdoors in the evenings and now that we’re hoping to have more barbecues, we need to add a few more around the place.

Have you been to Ikea lately? What was your most recent purchase?

Image from Ikea Share Space found via marte meee
Image #2
marte meee (originally from the Ikea website)


  1. I haven't been to Ikea lately but my sister bought me 100s of tealights from there last week. I also was given some gorgeous Christmas decorations from there last year. It is a great store isn't it! It's a pity that it is so much more expensive over here than everywhere else in the world...that's the story of our country at the moment!

    Best wishes,

  2. Oooh, I love that chair. Do you know what it's called?

  3. Hi Melissa, it's the Storsele Chair (click the Ikea Share Space link in my credits above and it will give you some info about it)

  4. I've got a trip lined up for Sunday!
    Hope you are going well with your 2 babies....been flat out and hadn't had an opportunity to comment recently!

  5. It looks great! I love cane. We don't have Ikea in Darwin; but it is so great for affordable items, textiles etc.

  6. Ooh, I am loving that cane chair...I have been after something very similar for a while now and this would be perfect.

    I have not been to Ikea for some months now but we are in desperate need of another couch and I love the look of the Ektorp sofa and the fact that it is slip covered. If on visiting it's comfortable that will be coming home with me on our next visit.

    Looking forward to seeing what you have in mind for the cane chair Amanda :)


  7. Yep, I've been! Didn't buy too much, just a bedside table for Jess and some linen for Ben, and packets of paper napkins...they're the best. I am going to put up my Ribba picture ledges tomorrow though...I've only had them for about six months or not to rush these things :)
    I love that chair...go for it!

  8. I agree you definately need to sit on the chair before buying, boys are so clever aren't they, buy the colour you want - yea I would if I could find it!
    I went to Ikea this week and bought lots of little decorative things. They had some cute lanters on sale pretty big in red or blue with glass sides, think they were only about $10 but the downside was you have to assemble them yourself which is why they didnt make it into my trolley :)

  9. I love that cane chair Amanda and such a lovely colour too. I had some similar chairs given to me by my auntie some time ago, antiques but I gave them away not knowing sadly.

    I haven't been to Ikea for a little while, hubby doesn't like visiting much but the last time I bought all the things for my office which was fun:) xx

  10. My question for Ikea is why is everything so much cheaper in WA and SA?

    The lantern you like (which is lovely btw) is $9.99 in Victoria.

    We are about to create a guest room and will be buying a queen bed and matching bedside tables from Ikea. Very annoyed I discovered it was $30 cheaper in WA.

    I wonder why that is....not that it'll put me off shopping at Ikea :)

  11. I am busting to go to Ikea. The trouble is, it is 4 hours away and I would like to buy a sofa. The thought of driving through Melbourne with a trailer is a bit offputting. Both your choices above look lovely. I agree with not buying something you haven't sat in. Deb

  12. I'm Ecktorped up since September and those slip covers are a godsend! The back cane is super. x

  13. My pleas for a trip to Ikea keeps falling on deaf ideas,but I have the car all to myself at the weekend whilst hubby is at work...........

  14. I can go for one item and end up with a trolley. I love getting stuff cheap! Recently bought the new baby a set of drawers that we have customised with change table on top - bought two one for each of the girls in the end. Candles, change mat and covers, awesome hand puppets for the two year old. Couldn't make them for the price.

  15. Hi Amanda - gorgeous chair! I have been dreaming about a trip to Ikea lately and have been searching the Ikea hackers blog for inspirational ideas to do some of the things that i want in the house for a fraction of the price...Ikea rocks!

  16. Oh, you lucky ducks to even have IKEA in your state, let alone in your city ☺. No IKEA in Tasmania and they won't deliver. I have to arrange for friends to buy and freight them over. My sister just brought me back some divine white Skurar potplant holders ( - I'm sure you'd love them, Amanda! J x

  17. Freedom also has a lovely cane chair very similar to the Ikea version and a good price as well.

  18. Last time I was at IKEA I was pregnant and I heard a women say to her husband, I think going to IKEA is a rite of passage for all pregnant women...had a giggle :)

    Dying to hit IKEA again soon (they have great soft storage 'baskets' for children's rooms and bathroom cupboards)...but a drive to Sydney aint on the cards for a while...

    Hope all is well with you (and little Sophie is doing well). x

    (happy new year)

  19. Oh Ikea... how I love thee. If Ikea wasn't two hours from SJW, I guarantee that chair would be on our deck. Gorgeous! gxo


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