Monday, February 13, 2012

On The Hunt For…

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’ve had a great weekend and your start to this week has been good so far. With Paul back home now and able to help out with the girls in his second week of holidays, I’ve been able to spend a bit of time browsing online for some bits and pieces I’m after for around our house. Here’s what I’m on the hunt for…

… a striped throw, preferably in ivory and navy blue.  There was one that Country Road used to sell, but I took so long to make a decision, it’s now no longer available.  I’m hoping to check out one at Adairs later in the week.

…enamelware pieces.  I already have the Ikea jug above but I'd like a few enamel plates.  Donna Hay also has some lovely new enamelware pieces in her online store which I have my eye on.

…embroidered linen.  I’ve been searching on Etsy for some pieces to re-purpose and turn into other lovely things for around our home.  Last week, a cute embroidered tea towel I’d bought arrived which I plan on turning into a cushion for Grace’s room.

 …a retro looking radio. While the girls nap, I like to have music on for background noise. There’s a spot on our kitchen bench I have earmarked for a small, light wood coloured radio. I love the one above but its price tag is a bit hefty for what I’m after. I’ve seen some on ebay but I need to do a bit more research before a purchase is made.

I’ll let you know if any pieces end up in my shopping trolley…

Images sources: #1 unknown sorry, #2 erinnish, #3 FlorenceandRuby, #4 Tivoli Audio


  1. Amanda, I can vouch for Sangean radios. They are fabulous. I have one nest to the bed and I also bought a small one for my friend for her birthday and she loves it to bits!

    Enamel plates can usually be found in army disposal stores. I have a couple of white ones with blue edges. You can also try hardware stores. I'm sure I saw a couple in my local Mitre 10 store recently
    Hope that's a help

  2. Oh...I forgot. Whenever I'm at the local op-shop I always head straight for the tablecloth and linen bin. I've bought some gorgeous embroidered doilies and napkins in the past, all for just a couple of dollars

  3. I like all those things that you are on a hunt for and I cna't wait to see what you end up getting. We bought a retro style radio on ebay (I'll see if I can find the link to were we bought it and I'll email you). It's not the best radio by any means but it's cute and we've really enjoyed it. Can't wait to see the tea towel/cushion for Gracie's room!
    I hope you've had a great Monday my dear,

  4. Love your wish list! I collect enamelware in white/blue! Also love the idea of a blue and white throw, so timeless and always looks fresh. x

  5. It's great that you have some time to yourself for browsing Amanda, I wish I had more time for reading blogs & internet shopping, hope you find what you're after, it all looks lovely!

  6. I love those little radios, I'd love to have one here on my desk instead of the clock radio my husband insists we have in the kitchen!

    Good luck with your online shopping Amanda. xx

  7. i have a bit of an obsession for little radios (oh dear, you've got me started!)...and have to admit i spent my money from Kevin (the stimulus money!) on a buy..but they are a hefty price...

    ...also have a sweet little orla kiely digital radio ( think that you can buy evoke radios through abc shop now (

    otherwise i think the bush radio (1950s replica) is pretty cute - no frills - but a good price...and think you can even get this at good guys...

    there you go! bet you didn't know someone could be so obsessed with radios?!

  8. sometimes thrift stores have an abundance of enamel ware. or you could raid some old lady's house. probably would try the thrift store first.

  9. Great wish list! I love embroidered linens!!

  10. Thanks for letting me know your giveaway prize arrived, my pleasure!!
    I'd love a big old radio too, or sorry, a 'wireless', how much fun. Good luck, they know we want them so they are uber expensive!! Love Posie

  11. I have had some luck with embroidered things at op shops also and enamel ware at camping shops.
    Penny - ex Perth, (I still miss it 14 years later), well maybe not the heat! x

  12. Love the radio! Let me know if you find one!

  13. It sounds nice to have Paul home on holidays and getting to have a little bit of time to yourself to do a bit of online browsing. You've got some lovely things on your list to buy, I love the look of that throw and the colours. Goodluck with your shopping. xx


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