Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Playing Dress-Ups

One of Grace's favourite activities at the moment is playing dress ups. Fairy wands, tutus, beads and scarves are all scattered around our house by the end of the day so I've decided to find something suitable to store them all in. The lovely clothes hamper above I discovered online at Berry Red caught my eye as it would look so pretty in a little girl's room.  However, I'm after something relatively inexpensive and I'd hate to even imagine the international postage on something so bulky.  I found a simple wicker one at a discount store yesterday, but am going to keep an on eye on Gumtree for a little while first as I'm sure I can find something cheaper still. Perhaps I could pretty up a plain one with some decorative ribbon? 

Here are some snaps of the dress-up fun that's been going on around here lately.  Even Sophie has been joining in...


  1. I do love dress up time and Sophie looks like she enjoys it just as much as her big sister, very cute. Paul looks great in his outfit too:) I think it's very sweet when dad's play with their little girls. My hubby used to love dancing to the Fairies when Miss 8 was little and had lots of fun hairstyles. Paul has lots to look forward too.:) xx

  2. so so cute Amanda : )
    it looks like you are all having fun.
    That wicker basket is lovely but I'm sure you could spruce a plain one up too.

  3. Dad playing dress ups, too cute! Love it :) x

  4. Ooh are they playing pirates? xx

  5. Your family is adorable. You all look so relaxed too. Is Grace saying 'silly daddy'? And look at little princess Sophie in her crown. A big smiley post this one :)

  6. We love dress ups over here too!

    The dress up box is one of the best things I ever put together - we fill it with anything and everything. All the kids that come to visit seem to love it too.

  7. looks like cute is princess sophie?!

    we used to love our 'dress up box' growing up...ours were kept in an old trunk. don't know if that suits your decor (?) but i'm sure you could find one in a second handy for a song x

  8. Dressups are always such fun..I have loved watching our children's imaginations come alive whilst doing just that and can't wait for our little man to go through this phase.

  9. Hadn't even thought of dress ups with my son! Will have to hunt out my dress up box from all the fancy dress parties I have been to over the years! Thanks for the great idea. Love the tiarra too!
    I am also in the market for a storage basket - but more for toys... Limetree kids have some cute ones, but not super cheap.
    Our lives are on a seriously scary parallel!

    1. Fancy dress costumes would be awesome!! All Grace has at the moment are old clothes of mine or op shop finds - anything colourful and eye catching or with different fabrics is a winner. She was given a fairy costume for a birthday party and the things like crowns and wands I just get at discount stores for a few dollars. Your little boy will LOVE dress ups!

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  11. Such sweet and happy photos. I love that everyone has a big smile on their face! Playing dress-up is so fun for little ones.


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