Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Productive Few Days

This week has been great so far. Rather than just making plans and adding image after image to my ‘Inspiration Files’ (I know, I must set up a Pinterest account), this week I’ve actually managed to get stuff done. I’ve found a great print I want to order for our family room, made some progress on decorating Sophie’s nursery and tomorrow, I’m heading to Bunnings to buy some blue paint to freshen up a little bedside cabinet for Grace’s room. It feels good to have finally brought to life decorating ideas I’ve had floating around in my head for so long.

Today, I whipped up a simple little mobile for above Grace’s bed. Using four inch paper doilies I bought from Wonderland Room and some pink die cut flowers I bought from Gr3een, this little hanging string literally took me a few minutes to put together.

Once I paint the wooden cupboard tomorrow and sort out a bed head, the transformation of Grace’s room from ‘nursery’ to ‘big girl space’ will be complete. I’m so excited and can’t wait to finally share some photos of what I’ve made and bought with you all very soon.

Now it’s onto Sophie’s nursery. I’ve finally settled on grey, white and mint green with some pink accents. I’ll share my ideas with you for her room as they come together...


  1. You sound full of enthusiasm! I look forward to seeing the results x

  2. This mobile looks so pretty hanging up there in Grace's room. It's such a good feeling when things you've wanted to do start coming together. I'm looking forward to seeing Grace's room. I love the sound of the colours for Sophie's room too, they sound like a really pretty and modern combination. I hope you have a wonderful Thursday my friend. xx

  3. Oh Amanda, I am so sorry! I have been so busy just trying to stay on top of everything I have not had a chance to pack the bedhead. I just went and found some cardboard and will wrap it and email you the dimensions, on Saturday! Again, I am so so sorry!! I love the mobile you have made for Grace's is so pretty!!! ~ xx

  4. You go Super Mumma!!!! :)
    Love that you're getting back into your creative swing :)
    I can't wait to see photos of the finished products.
    Me...on the other hand....feels like I'm severley lacking in motivation at the moment....we move house next Friday...and I haven't even packed 1 thing ahhhhh!!!!! Wish me luck!
    P.S. I will reply to email soon my dear xxx

  5. That doily mobile looks great! I need a burst of your enthusiasm and inspiration for my house... it's all feeling a bit blah at the moment.

  6. The doilie hanging is so sweet! Love super simple decorations. Looking forward to seeing all the photos :)

    I like your colour selection for Sophie's room too, it's going to look fantastic!

  7. So sweet , looking forward to more pics. I went over to the Wonderland Room (oh dear thats a 'dangerous ' shop to visit, I will need lots of time to calm down, & go through it to see what I 'really need' )
    Karyn x

  8. I can't wait to see the after photos! It all sounds divine. The little mobile is so pretty! xx

  9. Your mobile looks great and I love your choice of colour theme for sophie's room too. Thanks for your mind words over on my blog today. I am lookg forward to blogging even more now.

  10. Hello, i have just found your blog. Love it, and am now following. I just love decorating children's rooms. The doily mobile is so cute and feminine. Please pop over to my blog and take a look at Rowan's room, and other chikdren's rooms i have posted! Happy nursery planning!

  11. Hi amanda, that looks so very pretty, you have been busy!! I love weeks like that; havent had too many lately, and I can remember those days of having a newborn and not having much spare time to do anything at all ... But you are getting lots done, well done! I meant to reply to your comment a few weeks back about the vintage embroideries. I do scour op shops for them and have found some really gorgeous ones, i also have a couple that belonged to my gran who passed away last year. I just get so excited when i find a special one, but they are very few and far between!!!
    hope you have a great weekend and that you are getting lots of sleep!
    Laura xxx

  12. I can't get enough of paper doilies and I love your mobile creation.

    It is so much fun decorating little girl's rooms isn't it?



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