Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Snail Mail Fun

About a month back, when Sarah extended an invitation to fellow bloggers to join in her Good Mail Club, I emailed her excitedly, eager to participate.  Let's face it, with our mailboxes these days being filled more often than not with bills and advertising, the prospect of opening it to find something pretty and unexpected sounded wonderful.  However, as I sat down to actually create my own contributions, I must admit to feeling a tad stressed.

When would I find the time to write eight letters and create something to include in each envelope? What on earth would I make?  While I had a few trinkets from my own collections to add, I wanted to put together something I had made myself, something that was somewhat personalized and suited to its recipient.  

I found inspiration for this project one afternoon as Sophie's scalloped pattern birthday invitation jumped out at me from the fridge.  And so, as Grace worked away beside me on a collage picture, I ignored the ever growing washing pile and unswept floors and sat with her and crafted.  Using the same design that I came up with for Sophie's party, I chose 'words of wisdom' to suit each of my fellow bloggers, altered the colours to suit their tastes and came up with the simple quote cards above.  I was really happy with how they turned out and am even thinking of making up some of these to add to a few Christmas presents this year.

As for the envelopes that made their way into my letter box, I received some lovely notecards and ephemera which you can see a glimpse of above.  As chief 'mail box inspector', Grace was thrilled to find the colourful, postage stamp covered packages that were delivered to us.

After the initial stress subsided, in the end, the lesson I gained most out of this fun project was the importance of taking time out of the hectic pace of daily life more often to enjoy simple pleasures like crafting, a hobby which I can not only share with Grace, but one which encourages me to take time to 'be' and to relax... something I am going to try hard to take on board in these coming months... 


  1. Hi Amanda...what a great idea as yes all we seem to get these days is bills and junk in the letter box...I have to admit I get a kick out of finding 'real' mail in my letter's lovely too that you and Grace have something to share together....craft is definitely not my strong suit lol....xo

  2. I love this idea Amanda! I agree with you - We need to put the romance back into hand written notes :) Suppose it's a great concept with Christmas coming up and sending greeting cards to mark the festive season... Think I'll be getting on board in my own way :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S. My daughter has an obssession with opening up mail too! She pretends they're all party invitations. I wish my billers would invite me to a party other instead of demanding money!

  3. Amanda I felt exactly the same way. I was kicking myself for saying yes until I got started then really enjoyed myself. It was so lovely to receive the treats in the mail.

  4. I didn't reside you personalized each of your beautiful quite cards! How sweet of you. I just loved mine. I'm hoping to do a Christmas mail out too. I have found it do exciting receiving such lovely envelopes xx

  5. This sounds like so much fun Amanda, how lovely to get such pretty mail in the letter box rather than bills. Sometimes it feels like you won't be able to fit another thing in your day but once you make the time it really is enjoyable doing a little something just for you. I signed up recently for a Christmas decoration swap, I'm almost finished mine but not quite, I am so looking forward to seeing what someone creates just for me:) Wishing you a wonderful Thursday lovely. xx

    1. I've noticed a few bloggers mentioning the Christmas ornament swap - can't wait to see what people make and receive!

  6. Snail mail of this kind is so much fun to's a shame penpals aren't as common these days as they used to be.
    Really love your quote cards Amanda, they're wonderful!

  7. What a wonderful idea....i used to love getting snail it's just bills! Your card creations are just perfect and so lovely that you ignored the jobs so that you could get something special done beside Grace!

  8. such a great activity!

    ...and i really appreciate how you told us that you ignored the washing and the housework to take the time to do certainly makes me feel better...and it gives me the hope and inspiration that perhaps i could do it too! thank you. x

  9. I just love mine - and its perfect for me too
    Clever you

  10. I'm so thrilled with my blue card, Amanda - you are incredibly thoughtful. I was feeling a bit overwhelmed until I started and then really enjoyed the creating as well. J x

  11. Such a great idea ... I often get disappointing at the real lack of any mail to get excited about, hence why I like to order books and gifts online :) Just started following you and your space is lovely x
    Ellen x


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