Monday, April 28, 2014

2014 Portraits: April

"Portraits of my girls in 2014"

Sophie: At the Valley Of The Giants... so much for an inquisitive little one to take in

Grace: A secret garden perfect for a nature loving girl to explore... collecting treasures of pine cones and unusual leaves to bring home

Joining in with Jodi

Friday, April 25, 2014


This time last week, we had just returned home from a getaway to our beloved Denmark... a place we escape to for fresh country air, peacefulness and slow living, a town I am always sad to farewell when the time comes to return to the city.  It is a break that always leaves us feeling fresh and rejuvenated, a place where we can all truly unwind...

On this holiday, different cafes were tried and old favourites re-visited.  Trinkets (both pre-loved and new) were purchased in town. Drives through towering karri trees along winding highways fed my soul. Rolling surf crashing onto pristine beaches was admired.  Our ninth wedding anniversary was celebrated.  Two little girls sharing a bedroom giggled well past their bedtime each night. Adventures through gardens sprinkled with hidden treasures were enjoyed. I was grateful for every minute of every day we spent away.

I did my best to soak in small details and to take in the beauty of my surroundings, to be inspired by the homes and lifestyle of the townspeople and to think of ways to incorporate 'a little bit of Denmark' into our suburban home.

Time to think and plan and dream, to enjoy one another's company and to simply be, just as I do when we are away on holidays, is something I am going to strive to make time for more often back here at home...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Snippets Of Our Week...

1.  A sweet little pillowcase to pretty up Sophie's new big girl bed until her patchwork quilt is ready (we've said goodbye to the toddler bed she's slept in since 16 months)

2.  A few days earlier in the week were perfectly overcast... my favourite kind of sky

3. Sophie made herself at home in Grace's room as usual while her big sister was at school, wearing her shoes and playing with her toys... a box of craft 'jewels' kept her entertained for ages

4.  I smiled this week seeing my Dad's old childhood set of dominoes being played with by the girls (alongside farm animals and fairies)

5.  Asha seemed to be smiling in this photograph... I couldn't not include it here