Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Regaining Clarity

I've felt a bit muddled and uninspired during much of February... a mixture of adjusting to a new school-focused routine, accepting my role as a 'school Mum', dealing with four-year old tears and two-year old tantrums and trying to get on top of things house-wise.  The combination of all of these happenings has seen me turn inwards more than usual and retreat from this space for a bit, something I tend to do when I'm overwhelmed and lacking energy.

Slowly as the weeks have passed, I feel as though I'm emerging from the fog.  I've dealt with things one by one, done a lot of reflecting on my priorities and goals and have more clarity for what I want and need over the coming months as well as a desire to 'make things happen'.

I'm looking forward to writing here again, sharing my thoughts and musings and recording the precious day to day happenings that occur in our family...

A post I came across yesterday on 'igniting inspiration' really spoke to me... I urge you to have a read yourself...

Sunday, February 2, 2014

2014 Portraits: January

"Portraits of my children in 2014"

Grace: Despite the scruffy hair and Milo covered face, I just love this photo of my sweet-natured, gentle girl.

Sophie:  Those curls are growing wilder by the day, a good match for her little fiery streak.

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