Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Homely One House Tour - The Garden

Following on from last week’s post on the patio, I thought I’d continue the Homely One House Tour this week with our garden. Being on a corner block, we have quite a big yard and a lot of lawn. However, the lawn is Paul’s pride and joy so this doesn’t bother him one bit.

The only ‘before’ shot is the first one below which doesn’t really show a lot. However, we have made some big changes to our garden and much has grown in the five years we’ve been here. The corner garden you can see used to be a real hotch-potch of plants. We removed everything, extended the lawn to reduce the size of this garden bed and planted Iceberg roses down the driveway, a Poinciana tree (which will hopefully one day reach the 12 metre height and 10 metre width the tag says it will) and three Ornamental Plum Trees along the fence as a backdrop.

As for the backyard, lots has grown, lots has been removed and lots of new plants have been bought. Here’s a few photos …

Will be back indoors for the next House Tour post…


  1. Oh Amanda..you have planned and landscaped your garden beautifully...a few of my fav's in there too...just beautiful x

  2. Amanda, your garden is gorgeous!! It is so neat and lovely. I love your Agapanthus along your fence, they are lovely! I think you must have the loveliest lawn of all time. We so desperatley need you guys to come for a visit to give us some gardening tips!! ~ Tina xx

  3. Anna - thanks for the sweet comment.

    Tina - Paul will be so pleased with your comment on 'his lawn' :)

  4. What a gorgeous garden! I too agree with your lawn - its beautiful!

  5. Hi Amanda
    I envy your beautiful big lawn. We have a reasonably big section, but no lawn. There is nothing quite like grass underfoot! Also lovely to catchup with your other doings, and to learn more about you in your seven things post. Wish my handwriting was neat! It's illegible!

  6. LOVE the Agapanthus! We just planted some in our front yard and are waiting for them to florish. Your frangipani puts ours to shame. It's lovely, the grass is beautiful. Lucky Grace with all that lovely lawn to roll around on.

  7. What a great yard! Lyn's parents' lawn is like a bowls green so I can appreciate the work Paul has put into yours - it looks brilliant. Is that a frangipanni? I can't quite tell. Anyway, it's all very beautiful.

  8. I'm loving these photos. We're renovating, too. You've done a wonderful job!! :)

  9. Thanks for all the comments - I will pass on all the lawn compliments to Paul :)

    Janette - Agapanthus are great as they are quite low maintenance and always look effective when clumped together. We have white ones out the front too.

    Sarah - yes that's a frangipani out the front, it's grown so much in the last five years. Smells beautiful at the moment but is dropping flowers and leaves everywhere!!

  10. Hi Amanda! So glad to have found your blog. I'm now a follower.
    I have just enjoyed reading your kitchen and ensuite posts. You've done such a great job. Sounds like you are in the same process as us, updating and older house.
    Love your lawns and garden, especially the agapanthus.

  11. Hi there Ange! Thanks for stopping by. We are really enjoying gradually making changes to our house so that it is more 'us' :) Am off to visit your blog... x

  12. Hi Amanda, we are so jealous of your lawn mate, our dog has slowly but surely terrorized ours... nice and patchy now!
    Your tree out the front is going to be amazing in a few years, what a beautiful spot for it!

    ps. No corn?? ha ha

  13. You've got a lovely big garden Amanda. I really love the agapanthus planted all in a row, they look really pretty grouped together. Your husband has done a beautiful job with the lawn. Catherine xo

  14. Hi Amanda,
    I love your garden - your beds are immaculate. I'm afraid I'm with Flick above - unfortunately Woody, our rather stupid golden retriever, has slowly but surely eaten plants, peed so much the grass is now patchy and chased his tail making mud trails. I will never be showing photo's of my garden while Woody still has legs!
    I love your agapanthus too - I am so jealous yours is thriving - every year I plant white agapanthas and no matter where I put them every year they fail!
    Well done,
    Sam x

  15. Beautiful. I'm so inspired. I might have to pick your brain for ideas on our garden Amanda.

  16. Flick, Catherine, Samantha - thanks for the comments. We too have gone through many plants with our dog Asha :) In the early days, we would plant something new only to arrive home and find it pulled out by the roots lying in the middle of the lawn :) Thankfully, Asha seems to be out of that stage now!

    Rose - thanks for the sweet comment. Paul says I'm a 'glory gardener' - that is, that I have all the ideas but that I'm not the one who does the hard work :)

  17. Beautiful. I really like how you cleaned up/simplified the front, and the backyard is simply gorgeous!


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