Friday, April 23, 2010

Disappearing Act

Image source unknown

Sorry for being a terrible blogger and announcing an upcoming giveaway, only to disappear from my blog for a few days. Grace has had a really unsettled week as she is teething and to top it off, came down with a cold last night. So although I haven’t hit the point of exhaustion yet, all these broken nights’ sleep have left me in no way to write coherent, inspiring posts.

So today lovely ladies, I’m leaving you with one of my all time favourite images of a bed I dream to be relaxing in today and catching up on some much needed slumber. I’ve always loved this photo – complete with its incredibly comfortable looking bed, pot of coffee and reading material, it looks like the perfect place to rest.

My next post is #100 so I promise I will reveal my little giveaway then…


  1. Take care Amanda and Grace! I hope you are both feeling on top of the world very soon and you both get lots of rest and relaxation over the next few days. Sending you big hugs from me and William. Jxx

  2. Rest up and snuggle up with your little one Amanda. We'll be here when you get back! x

  3. take care sweetie REST UP and hope little grace is feeling better.The picture does look very inviting .have a great weekend XX

  4. Oh I hope you both feel better soon. It doesn't take long to feel like blogland has totally got away from you, does it?!
    Take care :)

  5. I used to get so stressed when my babies were unwell (still do). I hope those teeth pop through quickly and the cold resolves. Hang in there.

  6. Looks wonderfully comfy.

    Thanks for always leaving little comments on my blog. I appreciate it.

    I have been slack. I have a wee baby and am too time poor at present.

  7. All is forgiven, you were missed! I hope you get lots of rest over the weekend and I hope Grace recovers from her cold and teething quickly! xx

  8. Get well soon little Grace. Looking forward to your 100th post when you
    are rested.
    Karyn x

  9. Oh, that looks comfy! Hope you get more sleep soon (I can empathise with how you are feeling at the moment!). Hugs to you and Grace. xx

  10. Oh Amanda! I hope little Grace picks up soon and you get some well deserved rest my dear! Take care and will be sending you all my warmest thoughts and hugs ~ Tina xx

  11. I was only just lying next to my youngest last night while he was sleeping, feeling such gratitude that he has been well for a while now (he has a severe nut allergy and had such bad gastro symptoms for years before he was diagnosed). We take their health for granted and when they go down... well I for one go down with them.... my biggest fear is my sick little darlings. I hope little Grace feels better soon and you get some sleep. A-M xx

  12. First time here, you have a lovely blog! I hope your baby is feeling better soon!
    Take care

  13. Wonderful picture!
    Can imagine you are dreaming like beds like this if your little one is teething.. Remember the sleepless nights when my kids did.

    Hang on in there!

    Also doing a GIVE-AWAY for all my Australian readers. I hope you enter your name.

    Happy Anzac Day and hope your cold clears!

    x Charlotta

  14. Thanks so much everyone for all the hugs and get well wishes you sent for Grace. While still sniffly and congested, she has had a better nap today so hopefully that is a sign she'll sleep ok tonight :)

  15. Oh I could definitely move into that picture! I hope grace is feeling better : ) xx


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