Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Game and Upcoming Giveaway

Here in Perth, autumn has definitely arrived. This past noticeably cooler week has seen me drag out my good old ugg boots again, snuggle up under a throw on the couch at night and cook some more wintry meals.

Today, my lovely blogging friend Tina from Rubies Place has invited me to play a blogging game called Photo #6. I am meant to go back to the 6th photo I ever uploaded to my blog, re-post it to share with you all, and remember the moment. So here it is...

This picture is from not long after I started blogging. It is the moodboard I put together last October for the Pink Ribbon Morning Tea I held. I really enjoyed putting ideas together for this little party, making invites and preparing all the food. It’s funny that at this point in time I am once again in ‘party planning mode’ for Grace’s birthday.

I am to invite 6 of my lovely readers to participate in this game. As with any games or awards I pass on, there is absolutely no pressure whatsoever to participate. I would like to invite:

1. Catherine from Little Glowing Lights
2. Flick from Everyday Chick
3. Catherine from A Time To Create
4. Sarah from Molly’s Maison
5. Nicole from Bubby Makes Three
6. Melissa from undomestic/mumma

Thanks for inviting me to play Tina, it was fun to look back on some old posts!!

Also, stay tuned this week for my first ever giveaway in celebration of my upcoming 100th post…


  1. I remember reading that post about your morning tea and I was very impressed with all of the effort you put in to it. I also remember wishing (just as I am now) that I could create beautiful get togethers like that! I am looking forward to your giveaway! How exciting! xx

  2. Oh thanks Amanda :) - goodness only knows what that pic might be!
    I remember you planning your Pink Ribbon morning tea, so I reckon I might have been reading your blog for quite a while now!

  3. Right. DID IT! V proud of myself as I am hopeless with stuff like that. Only I cheated and invited the entire blogging world to participate rather than selective bloggies. Oh well...... Have a great week Amanda x

  4. Cute little game to be a part of...isnt it funny to back track and realise..just HOW many posts you have done since :)

    Even better because I never saw the post of your mood board ; ) x

  5. You have such a pretty collection of all things pink there Amanda. What a wonderful thing to do for your friends and other women who have been affected by this terrible disease. Thank you for asking me to play, I'd love to.xo

    P.S. The cake I made yesterday was a cherry cake with lemon icing which is almost all gone now.:)

  6. Ooh - I like the sound of this game. I'm off to reminisce. Thanks for tagging me!

  7. Nicole - wish I'd thought to tag everybody :)

  8. I also partecipated to this nice game! I like your photo n.6! Beautiful dish and very nice rose decoration! Just a perfect arrangement for a party!
    A nice Wednesday to you Amanda!

  9. Amanda your #6 Photo is gorgeous! Your moodboard was beautiful, especially with all that pink:) Thank you for playing the game!! I hope all of your party plans for Grace's first birthday are going well!! Wow, congrats on your upcoming 100th post and your first giveaway, that is so exciting!! Wishing you a wonderful week my sweet friend ~ Tina xx

  10. Gorgeous photo! Nice to revist old posts and see where you were up to in blogland! Hope you have a great day.

  11. This has prompted to to take a look back....I am a little scared what I will find!

  12. Lovely picture, Amanda! How fun is that game, I'm seeing it all over the blogosphere!

    Have a happy day! xoxo

  13. Hi mate! Thanks for inviting me to play!! I have no idea what mine will be, but I am off to find it now... I remember when you did that mood board post! And I thought it was gorgeous...

  14. Oh I don't think I have really looked back in a long time. Of course I revisit photos but some of the harsh realities of my build need to stay in the past! Your lovely blog on the other hand is a delight to look back on! A-M xx

  15. What a fun photo and beautiful! Autumn is my favorite season. While I'm putting my Uggs away for the season you're just pulling yours out ~ enjoy.

    Thank you for visiting me ~ it's so nice to meet you!


  16. Oh 6th image, mine was years ago I'm so curious to see what it is! Interesting game, i like it! Your morning tea looked so lovely Amanda!


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