Monday, August 23, 2010

New Quilt Cover

Monday again! Hope everyone's weekends were lovely. Here in our little household, I'm looking forward to a healthy week with Paul and I over our colds and Grace doing much better too.

As I was flicking through some photos on the weekend, I realised I hadn't shared my new quilt cover with you all. Our main bedroom has remained virtually the same way since we bought our house and is long overdue for a fresh look (you can see a 'before' shot on the right in my sidebar and on an old post here). After months of talking about wanting a white quilt cover, I finally bought one from Ikea a few weeks ago along with a lovely new doona insert from Target which is so much cosier than our old one. Our new carpets and white skirtings have also made a huge difference to this room.

As with all my homely 'to-do' projects, this bedroom update won't be an overnight transformation, but gradually I'd like to do the following:

  • replace the wall lamps and main light fitting

  • sew a runner for our dressing table

  • add some small pieces of artwork

  • decide on some new softer looking curtains

  • find some lovely bits and pieces to display

  • As for my little stools I blogged about here, I'm much happier with the shade of aqua paint now that we have our new carpet and skirtings so I've decided to leave them for now.

    I'm on the hunt for some inspiration so I'd love to know what is your favourite piece of furniture or decorative item in your own bedroom? ...


    1. Love the new quilt cover Amanda! My bedroom is destined for a makeover in a few months with phase 2 of our reno, but I know that my favourite feature for a bedroom is a chair with a pop of colour. Hope your having a great Monday, good to hear everyone is better. Michelle

    2. Hi Michelle - I'd love a feature armchair but we don't have the space for one so my little stools will have to do :)

    3. I love that quilt cover, your bed looks so soft and cosy and those roses in the vase look so pretty. I'm glad you found a doona cover you liked and I look foward to seeing the changes to your bedroom as they progress - hopefully quicker than my bedroom makeover is progressing :)
      And I'm so glad that you and Paul and Gracie girl are feeling better this week. Will is improving every day so it's happy days all around :)
      Hugs 2 u my friend,

    4. Love the new cover sweety..looks fantastic against the dark chocolate furniture. I get in the mood to change my bedding..almost every fall inlove with too many colours and prints..but what I dont own is a white dooner cover...if I had any brains..I would purchase one of those...and then just change the look with little throw cushions and rugs instead.
      I think if you purchase two awesome tall lamps for each beside table...with a pop of colour that will really give the room some wow factor...artwork is a great idea...and what I also think adds some wow factor is a nice floor rug...adds a warm and cosy feeling to a room...its looking great so far..that bed cover has made a HUGE difference already...I havent seen that one at Ikea? Hmmmm
      So glad your little stool has grown on your have always mentioned that you wanted that colour scheme for your bedroom..I think you are onto a good thing there lovely..stick with it x

    5. Hi mate, so glad to hear you are looking at a healthy week!
      Your new doona cover looks so fresh and pretty.. I want one now! My room is boring I'm afraid, but we are moving on saturday, so I won't have to worry about it for a while, just decorating a caravan!! haha
      The one thing in my room that I love is that chair I painted black, with a green and white cushion on it.
      Take care,
      Flick x

    6. Looks great Amanda, I have the same doona cover which I find so soft, I love it. My favourite bedroom pieces are our Kartell Componibili bedside tables, they were a splurge so I'll be keeping them for a long time. Also a small black and white photo of Paul's mum when she was 3, in a freedom perspex frame. hope you have a happy, healthy week. x

    7. It so good to hear that all of you are feeling much better:) Your white quilt cover looks nice and fresh, I love getting new bedding, it's always good to have a change.

      In my room my favourite decorating items would have to be my crystal bedside table lamp and some candle wall hangings from dusk.

      Have a wonderful week. xo

    8. Glad to hear you are all doing better! Your room looks great. I'm not a good one to ofer decorating advice for bedrooms - we still have a sheet as a curtain over a year on!!!
      AM jealous of your Ikea puchases but hopefully I'll get to Ikea if I get to Melbourne next week

    9. very clean and fresh! you must be one of those good people that doesn't snack in bed with a book ;)

      hope that healthiness happens just the way you've planned

    10. I am soo with you. I had planned to have an all-white bed for years and earlier this year I finally did it. I bought all-white bedding from Ikea! He he he. Your room looks lovely :)
      Glad you and your fam are (mostly) all better!

    11. It looks like a fabulous spot to snuggle down into. My bedroom makeover seems to be taking forever so you're doing much better than me!

    12. Love the white quilt! So nice and fresh! Kylie xx

    13. Your house looks so nice and fresh! I am your newest follower. Have a great evening!
      Bonnie :)

    14. Hi Amanda, great to hear you are all starting to feel better now, hopefully spring and warmer weather are just around the corner! I love your new cover there's something so good about fresh white linen : ) it's great that you are making progress on your room too. My bedroom needs some serious storage re-working, buri don't know where to start! I hope you have a lovely week xx

    15. Hey, your blg is really cool! if you like to, we can follow each other(:

    16. Hi little, 'Homely One',

      You have had so much illness between all of you, you poor little pet. When the little ones are sick that takes its toll. Lovely to catch up on all that you and your sweet, little family have been up to. I have been and will continue to be busy with work over the next couple of months, so please forgive me and bear with my short blogging bursts.

      Love the idea of your cooking class! Sounds truly lovely.

      I love the stair cases with the books and the stair cases with the stones on them. Very organic.

      My fav winter dishes - crumble: rhubarb, plum, apple, pear, berry etc with a big, dollop of cream. I am also going to make creamed rice again before this winter ends.

      I also think a white bed spread always makes one wake refreshed and go to sleep cozy.

      Reading your blog tonight was a lovely source of inspiration.

      Tracey x o

    17. The cover looks great and super cozy! I am also glad to hear you are feeling better. I love my pops of color in my rooms or even the white accents in others. Somehow they just seem to work in each space!

    18. Thanks for all the positive feedback :) I'll share so of my ideas for this room soon.

      Anna - I know what you mean about our bedside tables needing something like lamps on them but seeing as we have wall lamps, I'm thinking I need to add some height in another way - perhaps with a tall vase or something? Not sure...

    19. Hi there amanda,
      I wanted to say thankyou to you for your most beautiful comments on my blog and I was so touched by how people are so caring and thoughful; please know how thankful I am, and I am loving reading through your blog too, its so nice to meet you. You are in Perth too, arent you? Whereabouts do you stay? I am in the new part of Yangebup south of the river (if you know where that is!!) hugs to you from Laura xxx


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