Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy Week

Happy Friday! This week for us has been a combination of doctor’s appointments, coffees with friends, planning an upcoming baby shower and trying to keep up with the Blogging Your Way course I’m participating in (in addition to all the day to day things associated with running a household and looking after a toddler).

On Tuesday I met up in person with fellow Perth blogger Flick from Everyday Chick who I found so lovely to chat to and get to know a bit more (despite my cheeky Grace scaring off everyone else near us in the coffee shop – I was so embarrassed!) This afternoon I’ve got another doctor’s appointment as my taste still hasn’t returned after a week and a half now and it appears as though the antiobiotics I’ve just about finished have not worked. As for my blogging course, I’m so glad I decided to participate in it as I’ve enjoyed all the classes so far on ways to improve my blog, photography and even the confusing topic of copyright in blogging.

If I haven’t visited your blog as much lately, still haven’t written you a long overdue email or owe you a guest post, I’m really sorry and will try and contact you all soon. I just seem to have a few too many balls to juggle this week but hope to catch up on things over the weekend.

Tonight, is a usual quiet Friday night in for us so I’m hoping to make a dent in the huge pile of library books I currently have sitting beside my bed. In that pile are novels, cookbooks, interior design guides, books on creating a vegetable garden (more on that in a later post) and a few back issues of magazines. A beautiful sunny Spring day is forecast for Perth today so hopefully I’ll be able to sit outside and read a bit today too.

Hope you all have a lovely end to the week…


  1. My My you have certainly been a busy bee ;) Hope the weekend is a little slower paced for you and that you get to enjoy that pile of books you've borrowed ( looks awesome ) and have some R&R time. Have a great weekend lovely x

  2. I think its just a busy time of year for everyone. School holidays have also kicked in so busy times ahead. Have a lovely weekend Amanda. ;-)

  3. Just with regards to the taste thing, my mum had something like that happen last month. She was told the other medication she was on had given her thrush in the mouth, so the right treatment prescribed and all returned to normal! Hope your taste comes back quickly!

  4. so nice that you got the chance to meet Flick, glad you girls had a great time:)sounds like you have been really busy,i think its that time of the year..hope you get your taste back,nothing worse than not being able to taste your food,hope you relax on the weekend i hope to see you soon here more often Luvs melli xx

  5. Hi amanda, eeek, what a busy time you have had. Hope that your tastebuds are back to normal soon and you get through that huge pile of books; I have the Megan Morton book; its really good, you might not want to take it back to the library!!! I think we `ll be having a great sunny weekend,
    Laura xxx

  6. Ohhhhh.... I know how you feel Amanda! It's just crazy busy isn't it. I feel like I'm always treading water. I hope you get some lovely time tonight to sit back with a cuppa and really get into all those lovely books and mags.
    I hope the Dr has managed to work out what's going on with your loss of taste so you can enjoy your cuppas again :(
    Big hugs my dear, wishing you and Paul and Gracie Girl a wonderful relaxed weekend full of sun and fun. Take care my friend,

  7. Hi mate, gee your week only got crazier didn't it? Had a great time too, Graces antics were the highlight!!
    Enjoy your weekend, stress a bit less hey?
    Flick xo

  8. Hi Amanda..I'm sorry you don't have a sense of taste, how annoying! Hope that gets resolved soon. The Bill Granger recipe you've provided sounds good, I'll have to give it a try. And I've been meaning to pick up the book you mentioned - The Crafty Minx, it looks great. I love her home too. Take care busy lady and have a lovely weekend...Rachaelxx

  9. Hope things settle down for you doll!

    Happy Weekend!


  10. Hope you had a relaxing night after the busy week youve had. Great to hear you are enjoying the course. Have a lovely weekend. (thankyou for your visit and comments on my recent post)
    Rebecca x

  11. Hope your weekend is going okay ans you're managed to find some R&R time.

    BYW is great, I'm loving it, but it's keeping me super busy. I'm struggling with this weeks assignment, I'm absolutely stumped for Q2, and Q1 for that matter!

    Those books look like they'll keep you busy for a while, I have 3 or 4 to get through, I can only manage a chapter at bed time and then sleep overwhelms me.

    Anyway, just popped by to say hello, I hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend :)

  12. Hope you get better soon! Sounds like it's the last thing you need on top of everything else you are trying to do.
    The course sounds interesting - it's something I would like to do myself one day ..... maybe I could look at doing it at say 2am when I get woken up by daughter number two's teeth!!! Okay, maybe the course is just a fantasy for me at this stage.
    Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Michelle

  13. I love books, I love your photograph of your pile of books and like you I understand how hard it is to reply to blog posts and I also know that guilt associated with it - but time just slips away from us so quickly, especially when we have little ones to care for. I totally get it!
    Tracey xo

  14. Thanks for this post. I have followed your link and may investigate doing the e-course myself.


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