Saturday, November 13, 2010

A Few New Things

Early this morning, Grace and I headed off to the church fete I blogged about during the week. Unfortunately, when I arrived, I discovered I’d left Grace’s pram at home and which meant browsing was a bit difficult with Grace ‘on the loose’ so all I managed to scoop up was a pot plant and some cakes. Hopefully I’ll have more luck at the upcoming craft fair. Seeing as I didn’t have any finds from this morning to post about, I thought I’d share a few new bits and pieces around our home.

One new addition is a cute antique Bentwood chair we bought for our entryway. I’ve been on the search for one to use as a resting spot for some time and had envisaged discovering a chair on the roadside or at a garage sale. About a month ago when we were browsing through some antique shops in North Fremantle, this one caught my eye and so a fortnight ago, I asked Paul to drive past the shop again thinking that if there were any left ‘it was meant to be’. Sure enough two remained and we bought one which I love. It has nice detailing on the seat and is perfect for the little empty space next to our front door.

Also, during the week, my lovely cushion I won in Deb’s giveaway arrived. She is very clever making something so beautiful and I really can’t decide where in my home it looks best – at the moment it’s on the armchair in our study where I think it complements my patchwork cushion nicely. I was really surprised when I won Deb’s giveaway as coincidentally, only the week before, she had won mine.

Finally, not related to homewares but new nonetheless is this floral summery dress I bought yesterday. I had errands to run and was on a tight schedule but this dress caught my eye in a shop window as I walked past. It is not something I would usually wear as my wardrobe consists more of neutrals and plain colours but I’ve decided I need to step out of my comfort zone a bit when it comes to fashion. As it was, I won forty dollars on a scratchie my Mum bought me last weekend so I figured I’d spend my winnings on this new item of clothing.

Hope you’re all enjoying the weekend. I have a quiet night planned of catching up on all your blogs and reading my book.


  1. Its nice when you have nice new things around the the bentwood chair!! I totally agree when it comes to stepping out of your comfort zone with fashion...I have been trying to do the very same thing this summer...even wearing a dress is a big deal for me :)

  2. I love your chair Amanda. The seat carving makes it especially special; and you know browsing is cheaper than spending, on the upside of fogetting the pram. :)
    PS - so lucky that you still got to get this chair after looking, then thinking about it. Well done! x
    Congrats again on your cushion from Deb!

  3. I love the purse and hats you have on the chair in the very first photo. I had to ask my husband what pram was and now it all made clear! How cool you say pram! I'm more familiar with American English, so I learned a new word! What a lovely dress you bought!! I love having a quiet night. It's the best now I have kids, but pre-kids time, I didn't think of the same! I'm having a quiet night at home tonight, too and I'm very happy. :) Hugs. xo Kaho

  4. I love your new Bentwood chair, it's gorgeous and so practical for putting you things on and I love your new dress, it's gorgeous! I'm just starting to get more into patterns and florals too as I'm more of a plain neutral type of dresser.
    I hope you have a lovely relaxed evening my dear!

  5. Rats! What a pain about forgetting the pram. I completely relate to how that disrupted your plans, Amanda. And I do like that ruffle down the front of your dress - quite eye-catching. J x

  6. Oh I love love your chair. And your cushion. and your gorgeous new floaty summery frock. Well done.

    I forgot the pram recently too - I had to take the boys to their monthly physio/ot/speech path appt at the hospital and of course had to park a million miles away and carry (!!!) BOTH of them. My arms hurt for days after that. On the plus side, no tuckshop arms here :)

    Hope you've had a beautiful saturday


  7. Kaho - I probably should have used the word 'stroller' as ours is more like one of those :)

    Jen - You win!! Carrying TWO little ones would have definitely toned those arms of yours! x

  8. Amanda what a lucky & lovely week you have had , maybe you should get a lottery ticket this weekend !
    * Fantastic chair & the engraving I dont think I have seen a chair like it (at first I thought the photo was from a magazine , so well done on lovely styling )
    * Love the bird above the light switch.
    * How perfect is the cushion with number "3" = 3 in your family.
    * Look at that tiny waist on your new pretty dress ! I bet the ruffle moves beautifully when you walk , very feminine , its nice to mix up your wardrobe from time to time.
    * I recently was limited in getting some errands done for forgetting the pram . Master.J who is 4 was so tired he just couldnt walk anymore. And he is to big to carry now , so 2 out of 5 errands were achieved.Thats why my renovations are still going after 12 months ! I guess in not the so distant future I will wish he still wanted to rest in the pram , bless him.
    Thankyou for sharing such a lovely post
    Enjoy your Sunday
    Karyn x

  9. Karyn, your comment about my 'styled chair' really put a smile on my face - thankyou!! I was thinking that '3' was very appropriate for our family too. The waist on the dress is very stretchy :)

  10. The chair looks amazing and that dress is gorgeous! Somebody put it on! Have a beautiful weekend, Kellie xx

  11. No wonder that dress caught your eye. It's beautiful!!

  12. The chair is beautiful! I'd quite fancy a few Bentwood chairs myself. I would like to paint some pretty colours, but yours looks too nice to paint.
    Your dress is very pretty. I love florals but am such a jeans girl so go for floral tops. I like that you are stepping outside your neutral wardrobe as I'm sure it will look fabulous on you xx

  13. Nice additions! And I love the little bird on the switchplate:)

  14. Amanda, your chair was such a great find. It looks great with the bag and hats and cute little Grace sandals adorning it.
    The little birdie above the light switch also caught my eye.
    I am glad the cushion made it safely. And I did feel weird (in a good way) seeing something I made on someone else's blog. I love the cushions you have with it.
    As for the dress, I wish I could be more adventurous with colour and pattern, I am a neutral girl too. I love the ruffle. Have a great day.

  15. Love the dress Amanda. Something I would definetely wear myself!

  16. That chair and dress! So lovely!!!


  17. You got one - hooray! It's beautiful too, Amanda, really nice find :) I love the way you've styled it, it looks fantastic and I love the little bird decal, it's a really sweet touch - very magazine-esque :)

    Congrats on your giveaway win - the pillow is really cool - what a score! And your dress is lovely and summery.

    Hope you're enjoying your weekend, this weather is stellar, let's hope I can take it to NZ with me. Ha ha.

  18. Hi amanda I did jsut comment but unsure if it went through , anyway I love your blog I have just started readng. The chair is jsut beautiful and little grace's shoes are just too cute

  19. Love the chair and I really wanted that cushion :)

  20. Just love Bentwood chairs, so timeless. Well done on going back and getting it! It looks great in your entry. You are so lucky to win that gorgeous cushion, it's just gorgeous, and your new dress looks lovely! Make sure you post a photo of you wearing it, I'm sure it will look even lovlier on you.

    Have a great week!

    Christine xx

  21. Hi amanda, I love your beautiful chair - just perfect for the empty space in a doorway! Shopping is difficult with children isnt it? I try to do mine on my own as much as possible now! so much cheaper!! and less stressful!
    hope your weekend was lovely,
    laura c xx

  22. Really beautiful dress - i bet you look lovely in it. Love the chair and the cushion too..
    Happy weekend
    Rachie xo

  23. I love your finds <3 The dress is so cute!

    Hugs, Nina

  24. Love the chair, looks great in that spot. And your new dress is gorgeous!

  25. I hate those days when I forget Amelie's pram. If she gets a sniff of freedom she is off and I have to spend my whole time chasing her.

    I love your bentwood chair. That will look great beside the door.

    Love your dress too! Perfect for summer :)

  26. I just love your chair, they are a favourite of mine and hubby too. Your first picture looks so professional, very lovely:)

    And your dress is so pretty, looks like it will be lovely and cool to wear in Summer. Yeah for winning on scratchies.

    Have a wonderful week sweet. xo

  27. The chair is do beautiful Amanda, such a wonderful find, it looks great in the hallway, luckily it was still there for you. I would love to buy four chairs like that for my kitchen table eventually. Oh and that dress is so cute, I love it.

  28. Love the chair! We had breakfast at Harvest on Sunday. Love that part of town. xo

  29. I love your bentwood chair. When I saw yours I here I had to stop. I have a bentwood chair with that same design on the seat but the back is different, it is rounded. I painted the chair black, but left the seat the wood tone so as not to wreck the design. I love your little chair.


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