Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Two Lovely Awards

I had a lovely end to my day last night after discovering I was the recipient of two blogging awards from two lovely blogging friends…

Mirela from Melli’s Designs has passed on the ‘A Blog With Substance’ award to me. Mirela is so sweet and such an encouraging friend and I am honoured to receive this award from her. Now I would like to pass it on to two bloggers whose blogs I feel make for great reading and provide lots of inspiration:

Jane of Life On Planet Baby
Abby of Two Little Dicky Birds

Also, Nicole from Bubby Makes Three passed on the ‘You Are Gifted’ award which she’s started up to celebrate the Christmas season and to recognise the gifts of fellow bloggers. Nicole’s posts are always entertaining – I love her wit and her humorous style of writing and I relate to so much of what she shares. I was so happy to be included in her list of bloggers.

I would like to pass on this award to the following lovely ladies:

Anna from Lona de Anna – Anna's blog is full of inspiration for all things interiors and she is such a supportive blogging friend. The comments she leaves on my blog are always so honest and wise and for this I am very grateful. Her gift is the way she encourages others through her kind comments.

Sarah from One Perfect Day – Through her blog, Sarah shares the special day to day moments with her precious little boy. Her gift is the way she encourages others to appreciate the simple pleasures in life and for being such an inspirational mummy to me.

Tina from Rubies Place – Aside from being one of the loveliest bloggers I have encountered here in blogland, Tina is extremely creative and shares the most wonderful ideas and tutorials on her blog. Her gift is the way she inspires us all with her DIY projects and for the generous way she encourages us to give such projects a go ourselves.

There are so many bloggers I could have passed the above awards on to – so many of you inspire me every day with the posts you share and are such wonderful supporters of my blog – I appreciate each and every one of you.


  1. Congrats Amanda!!! You deserve both of those awards whole heartedly!

  2. Congrats to you! Totally deserved :)

  3. Amanda, never a more warm, lovely or nicer recipient than yourself and your beautiful blog Homely One. Well done and my congratulations! Sonia x :)

  4. definitely well deserved Amanda, congrats!
    i also love most of the bloggers you mentioned & the ones I don't know I will definitely drop by & visit.
    happy day to you ♥

  5. Oh Honey...thank you so much for including me as one of those in your "you are gifted" list ..and amongst so many other beautiful bloggers whom I also love.
    Your words were truly too kind..and speaking of gifts...having you here in blogland as one of my special blogging friends is a cherished gift within itself :) x

  6. Oh, Sweetie! Firstly, congrats on Melli's award - a perfect choice by her. I agree with all the comments above. Reading your posts is always a highlight of my day. I am amazed to find how much in common we have.

    Secondly, thanks so much for passing on Melli's award to me - now you've made my day ☺. Just when I needed it after a difficult day on Planet Baby so thanks. Abby's blog is also one of my faves - snap!

    And finally, Nicole (thanks for the tip!) made an excellent choice. Bravo to you. And I completely agree - those three ladies are gorgeous. Sigh. J x

  7. Great awards Amanda very well deserved. I love your blog. I will be sure to check out the reciepants of your awards

  8. you are very welcome gorgeous girl... great choices, you have picked out some great and beautiful ladies xx

  9. Congrats Amanda. Have a wonderful Advent season! xxxx

  10. Congratulations Amanda, all awards very very deserved :) You are a bloging gem!

  11. Congratulations Amanada and I have just passed my 'gift' onto you as well!!!!! Go check out my blog sweety! Jxx

  12. Congrats sweetie! You are so amazing!


  13. Amanda, your sweet words made me teary...thank you for passing on such a kind award and thinking of me. x

  14. Your awards are both so well deserved and I love the choices that you've made. x

  15. Congratulations on receiving awards, Amanda! That's wonderful. I was happy to see Abbie on the list! She's very inspiring. Now I'm off to check out the blogs you love and get inspired! I hope you had a nice weekend!

  16. Congratulations - they are well deserved and perfectly suited :)

    And thank you, that is so sweet :)


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