Friday, March 4, 2011

Making Me Smile...

One of Grace's favourite things to do is play in the family boat with Daddy. I love this photo I snapped of the two of them in the driveway waving to people walking their dogs along the footpath and to cars that were passing. Yesterday evening, Grace was in there 'cleaning' with a dusting rag while Paul was vacuuming. Very cute.

What has made you smile this week?


  1. OH that's so cute Amanda! I'm sure everyone loved seeing such a gorgeous little girl waving in her boat. My bub has made me smile this week too. When he wants more of something, food, toys, drink he tips his little head down and looks up at me with big puppy dog eyes and says 'Mooooore? Peeee?' It gets me every time!

  2. Such precious memories!!

    This week I have been amazed at how much our little one imitates everything we do from folding washing to sweeping and everything inbetween, I've been trying to capture it in pictures but it's not always easy when they are so active :)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  3. That's so so cute Amanda, I would make everyone smile seeing that. I hope you have had a lovely week and are starting to feel a bit better, if only we could send some of our coolness here and you some of your heat our way we might have a perfect balance : )
    This week finding my perfect laura ashley couch on sale with 50% off definitely made me smile...I think I'm going to order it.
    Have a wonderful weekend x

  4. She is Daddys little girl :) This week Im smiling about my 2 new housey books I bought (instead of borrowing from the library like I usually do!) and the fact that its a long weekend so I can take some time out to enjoy them. Have a great weekend, hope its nice boat weather for you x

  5. Such a sweet photo, I hope you start to cool down in Perth soon, it's been terribly hot there for such a long time without a break. I can understand why you need to keep cool by the air conditioner.
    Donna xx

  6. This made me smile!! So sweet! We've just booked a holiday so thats making me smile this week! Its still freezing here!

    Happy Weekend xo

  7. That is definitely a cute photo of your little Grace helping her Dad out cleaning the boat, she looks like she having a great time:) Making me smile this week was my girls sitting down together creating with beads, I love seeing them crafting together. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. xo

  8. How sweet Amanda! She must be a great help to Paul with her cleaning :)
    Mmm, what's made me smile this week? My Molly always makes me smile. Have a lovely weekend! xx

  9. Adorable! My eldest used to do the same thing on the boat. Have a great weekend :)

  10. So gorgeous that she loves hanging out with her Daddy in the boat. x

  11. How lucky to have a boat!
    My little girl has been going through the stage of learning her parents names, and I find it funny when she says "Sonia, push me on the swing".

  12. Sonia - how funny is your little girl :) Grace thinks it's hilarious too when she says 'Paul' or 'Amanda'. As for the boat, it's a family boat (that is we are 6 who put in for it) - we just happen to have it in our driveway most of the time :)


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