Monday, December 5, 2011

My Plan For This Week

Image above via Pinterest

Sometimes, I go through a bit of a blogging block where I don’t quite know what to type or I haven’t taken photos to accompany something I’d like to write about. Other times, I feel as though my head is over-flowing with ideas and inspiration and I can’t post quick enough to share everything with you all. This week is one of those weeks. Unfortunately, with things a bit all over the place here at the moment, it may take me longer to write those posts than I’d like.

After a weekend I’d rather forget, I’m all set to start the week fresh. Thankfully we don’t have a lot planned besides a Child Health Nurse check-up for Sophie tomorrow so this week I’m hoping to:

• do some online gift shopping
• buy all our Christmas presents in one hit at the shops
• try some new reflux medication for Sophie
• catch up on blog posts and reply to long overdue emails
• place a big bulk Coles online shopping order to last the next few weeks
• plant the new herbs I bought (when it cools down later in the week)
• sort through Grace’s toy boxes

What do you hope to cross off your ‘to do list’ this week?

Also, if you missed my last post, I'm having a little giveaway... Enjoy your Monday everyone!


  1. What a great list Amanda, I hope that you have a productive week and get all of those things done and enjoy yourself. xx

  2. Mine is also a mile long and seemingly endless. I forget every year how much energy is required just to make it through December.

    Good luck crossing off your to dos! x

  3. I like that image with that To Do list - the most important things but the easiest to forget hey! I hope you're ok hun and whatever happened this weekend that this week will be much better!
    Big hugs as always,

  4. Hi Amanda, You really are an inspiration to have a new baby and Grace and be able to be so organised is amazing. I think my trouble when mine were little was that instead of planning my day, i just responded to whatever happened and then before i knew it, the day was gone! Hope little Sophies reflux settles down, for her and you! Jane x

  5. Hi Amanda, you sound more organised than me, have a lovely week.x

  6. If I can just get through to the end of each day without more grey hair I'll be happy :) Good luck with your list Amanda.

  7. Wow, all the pressies off the list at once! That's huge, well for my family it is anyhow. Good luck with that : ) This week I'm hoping to decide on my new outdoor setting (which one), and get at least 1/4 of the pressies finished : ) ...and I have a stack of illustrations to finish also. Thank you for stopping by my blog - it is always lovely to meet new people!
    Kim. x
    P.S...Merry Christmas x

  8. That first to do list is lovely, I might just have to add it to mine :-). I hope you manage to get everything done this week, thank god for online shopping! And I really hope that the new reflux med works, can make all the difference. Tanya x

  9. christmas shopping is my priority for his week. all in one hit, like you!

    rachel xo

  10. Hi Amanda, thanks so much for coming past White Verandah and all your lovely comments! I cant believe you are so organised with a newborn... When i was in your shoes, the only thing on my list was sleep - you go girl!!

  11. i know what you mean about your head over-flowing with ideas and not getting the time to jot them down. I had started recording my ideas as soon as one entered my head using the voice recorder on my phone - you know, you could be chopping carrots and you think of something. Trouble is, that's where the ideas have stayed - recorded in the phone! Oh for more time! Vanessa

  12. very very cute pic! def need one of those

  13. Cutest picture. I love that list! Hope your little family is going well. Merry Christmas too! x

  14. I need to get lots of sewing done this week but with hubby being so busy with work not much has been done, hopefully the weekend will be more productive. I hope that Sophie feels better soon and that the new medicine works. Have a wonderful week. xx

  15. I think I need to sit down and write a list too. I always feel more organised when things are written down. I hope Sophie's reflux starts to settle soon.

  16. My list seems to grow faster than I can cross it off.

    Buying Christmas presents is at the forefront of my mind right now.



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