Friday, January 27, 2012

Perth's Heat Wave

Painting above by Debbie Miller

Today after an early morning errand, we've shut ourselves up inside and cranked up the air-conditioning as we're in for another scorcher today. Perth is going through a heat wave at the moment and after 41 degrees yesterday, the same is forecast for today. Since last weekend, we've had temperatures over 38 and this pattern is set to continue with 42 expected on Sunday too. Strangely though, we actually had a shower of rain and thunder and lightning last night too.

For Australia Day yesterday, we headed to the river for an early morning splash and tomorrow, we might go to the beach for a dip as soon as Sophie wakes (although we need to buy a beach umbrella first). On Sunday, I have my best friend's baby shower afternoon tea which I've been helping her organise. Our initial plans for a relaxing backyard afternoon tea were tipped upside down with this heat so now we're plannning a party indoors which I think will probably work out better anyway.

So today, we're not doing much other than hanging around indoors, doing quiet activities in the cool. I've promised Grace we'd play shops after morning tea so I'm off to be 'shop keeper'...


  1. We had a mini heat wave late last year... Without air conditioning :(

    Early this week they came and commissioned it, thank the lord.

    Life without a/c sux!


  2. Keep cool, anywhere near 40 is too hot.x

  3. Oh, my sister who lives in Perth has been complaining about the heat wave. Glad you're coping and that you have air-con! x

  4. Yikes! I'm glad it doesn't get that hot down here, or at least very rarely. It would be unbareable if it wasn't for your AC. Stay cool! X

  5. Hi amanda, hope youre managing to keep yourself and the girls nice and cool! have you had any power cuts? We have had several unfortunately - !! Hope you are coping with the feeding and that your milk supply is settling down a bit... Have a very lovely weekend! xxx laura xxx

  6. Stay cool! Enjoy your friend's baby shower afternoon tea. Sounds really fun!

  7. Enjoy the baby shower and I hope you all manage to stay cool. Too hot for me!

  8. I know! It has been so hot.. I have never lived in a city where is is actually too hot to leave the house before!

    We used to have a beach umbrella but I found that those cancer council pop-up sun tents are much, much better.. they provide better sun protection (50+) and they don't blow away (which tends to happen quite alot in Perth with those winds).

    We spent Australia Day down at Matilda bay and it was lovely to get a bit of rain after such a hot day.. Hopefully it cools down soon!

  9. I hope that things cool down soon, 41 degrees is way too hot. I hope that you had fun on Sunday with the baby shower. xx

  10. I can't believe how quickly Grace is growing up, stay cool!

  11. Lovely painting
    I remember those hot hot Perth days with little much happier to be here now although I miss the beaches.
    Hope its cooling down for you now


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