Friday, November 30, 2012

Christmas Gifts For Females

So much for my goal to complete my Christmas present shopping before December.  To date, I have bought a grand total of six and a half presents which means I'm still not even half way there.  However, I’m hoping that with a bit of planning beforehand, I can knock everything off in one mammoth shopping trip next week.

Choosing presents for family and friends is actually one of the things I enjoy most about Christmas.  I love coming up with a great idea for a gift I’m confident its recipient will like and take great pleasure in seeing them open their carefully wrapped package. 

Since I’ve known him, Paul’s extended family have always done a Secret Santa for the adults.  For a few Christmases now, following a suggestion I made, we’ve carried things out slightly differently, in a way that involves buying for an unknown recipient and which incorporates a fun, game type twist.  Such a way sees the men buying a present suitable for any male family member and the women doing the same for the females. 

Last year I bought a scented candle.  The year before it was the latest Donna Hay cookbook.  This year, I’m turning to you all for some inspiration.  I need to think of a gift that will be suitable for a female, aged between say 25 and 65 to the value of approximately 50 dollars.  What would you buy? 

Any suggestions from your own wish lists?


  1. Sounds like a great idea - I think a magazine subscription is a gift that keeps on giving :) Or every girl loves a fancy reed defuser or candles.
    Dont worry I have only done half my shopping too and I was so set on getting it all done early this year. My tree is up and some presents and cards made so I guess thats pretty good considering we arent in December yet!

    1. I think a magazine subscription is a great idea too, only Paul's cousin is already thinking of that idea as far as I know so I don't want to 'steal' her wonderful idea :) I agree, candles and the like are suitable for any age group and never go astray in my books!

  2. Amanda, are you in my family?

    We are doing the same this this year, right down to buying a generic female/female or male/male gift to the value of $50.00

    I have ordered a magazine subscription for my person - I had it delivered to my MIL's house, as I figured they could change it afterwards.

  3. A magazine subscription.
    I buy the latest issue of that mag and attach a handwritten note explaining that they will recieve 6months or a year's worth in the mail :)

    Love the 'secret santa' idea. We do it too with my family - saves money and stress. We even do it with the kids now too....since we now have 7 cousins just on my family side :)


  4. I like the suggestions of a magazine subscription, but I also rather fancy giving really nice quality hand cream and soaps. Maybe lots of people think that's boring, but if it's a nice organic cream I thinks it'a a bit special.

  5. Anything that smells gorgeous.......soaps, creams candles.......or a lovely diary? x

  6. Every year my mil buys us a beautiful sterling silver Christmas tree decoration. I love them all as I know how much time she puts into choosing the 'right one' for us. So maybe a special decoration? Cassie

  7. I always buy books when i can't think of anything else... and a lovely bookmark to go in it.
    Handcream is nice too...or a lovely gift about a full manicure set?

    I'm hopeless with gift ideas, that's why I stick with books...although I'm thinking of getting MONT a ukulele this well as books

  8. I think someone may have suggested it already but a magazine subscription is a great pressie, books maybe if they have a hobby choose something that relates to it, a pretty pair of earrings or a nice little coin purse, or a gift voucher. Best of luck with your present shopping:) xx

  9. Am I too late for a suggestion or two? I bought a beautiful calendar from Paper Boat Press for one of my secret santas (your family member could reuse the beautiful illustrations as prints) + I always think small indoor plants in a pretty pot are a lovely gift. Or perhaps a set of sweet notecards (don't you hate it when you don't have time to make/buy one - so good to have on hand!)...Let us know what you decided on! x

  10. MR's family do the same, but theirs is to $30. Do you do the stealing game? You could get a nice bottle of wine for $50! I know that sounds like a boring one for us not big drinkers but there's plenty of people out there who'd appreciate a $50 drop in their glass on a Friday evening. Another idea is a gift voucher for a facial (providing all the family live in the same area and could get to the beautician you choose)


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