Sunday, August 25, 2013


"A portrait of my children, once a week every week in 2013"

A perfect morning spent at our favourite riverside location while the winter sun was shining and its warmth enticed us outdoors.  I look forward to many more days like this with my girls as the days become hotter...

Sophie:  She carted bucket after bucket of water to the pool she was creating on the sand. I whipped off her leggings when they became wet... not long after, she was saturated from head to toe... but grinning from ear to ear.

Grace: Watching her grow has been tugging at my heart strings lately... as the months edge closer and closer towards the end of the year, I've felt sad thinking about her starting full time school in only six months time.

Joining in with Jodi

Wee little Alma snoozing on the couch was my favourite shot from the week just gone...


  1. I love hearing about your sweet little Sophie, she reminds me so much of Miss 9 even now she will always end up getting wet when we go for a walk down by the beach regardless of how cold it is:) It must be so hard knowing your little one is venturing off to school soon, it comes around much too quick I think. Enjoy these beautiful days with your girls. Thinking of you always. x

  2. I thought your shots would be beach ones this week!
    Loving how warm it looks over there
    And I hear you about full time school - my baby will be there next year and I can feel my heart cracking

  3. We have been lucky to get some nice weather lately, the girls look like they're loving playing in the sun and winter sunshine :)

  4. Again, such beautiful captures Amanda.
    I have been so slack with my 52 project. But I love seeing your girls grow with each week.
    I know EXACTLY how you feel about Grace starting school next year.
    Such a lovely day at the beach xxxx

  5. I believe this looks like my favourite riverside location too ;) lovely photos as always. P.S. let's get coffee soon xx

  6. beautiful. and beautiful words too xx


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