Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Snippets Of Our Week...

1.  Sophie taking the job of polishing her tricycle very seriously

2.  'Mr Mudlark', visiting our back garden as he does on most afternoons

3.  A swim in the neighbours' pool to cool off before tea

4.  Some of the thoughtful gifts I received last Wednesday for my 32nd birthday

5.  Sophie and her beloved scooter, wearing her nightie and a princess dress, waving an Australian flag and calling out, "Wave for the Queen!" each time she zipped past us

Joining in with the lovely Em


  1. Happy Birthday there, great gifts too (I have that book, love it!!)
    And I love your black and white visitor....we have a few feathered friends who visit too.....its a special feeling that these little 'friends' choose my garden to spend time in!
    Have a lovely week x

  2. I missed your birthday - sorry - hope it was lovely!
    Sophie is certainly serious about vehicle maintainence - get her onto doing the car now I say!!

  3. These are all so beautiful Amanda. Your little Sophie is oh so cute in her dress ups. Yeah for neighbours who have pools. I loved having a pool to cool off in when I was growing up, they were some of the best summers. x

  4. Nawwww what a cutie ... does Sophie think she is the queen? Probably! Looks like you've had a great week with your beautiful family x

  5. Ooo...that book looks interesting. I hope you had a lovely birthday. Great photos...I especially love that blue-eyed scooter-riding goldilocks at the end!!! xx

  6. Lovely set of photos for the week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  7. Happy birthday. What a sweet little plate. And how gorgeous is your recount of Sophie, the Queen!

  8. These are lovely snaps of your week. Enjoy those 'princess' dress-ups, Eleanor used to love doing the same thing but it's almost hard to imagine now :-( How wonderful to have 1) a neighbour with such a fabulous pool and 2) the weather to be able to enjoy a backyard swim :-) Mel x

  9. As a child I used to pretend the queen was coming to visit our street, Sophie's grin is infectious!

    Happy Birthday and I love that plate with the sweet forget me nots.


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