Thursday, December 24, 2009

Early Christmas Present

Photo by William Meppem via Donna Hay

My lovely friend Kylie came over for tea the other night so we could exchange Christmas gifts. She got me the most gorgeous present - Donna Hay's new book, Seasons which showcases some of the loveliest styling I have seen. With all it's fabulous photography, it's so much more than just a cookbook. Can't wait to try out some recipes from it in the New Year! Anyway, I'm off to do some last minute preparations for tomorrow. Wishing you all a wonderful Christmas - hope you all get spoilt!


  1. Now that is a gift worth drooling Donna Hay...Have a fantastic Christmas Amanda...thanks for blogging with me..look forward to more exciting and inspirational posts in the NY :) x

  2. Merry Christmas to you too! I made Fruit Mince pies that look similar to the ones in your pic - mine were a Margaret Fulton recipe. Nice though the first lot stuck in the tin!
    Have a lovely day tomorrow :)

  3. Hope you had a lovely Christmas. Love Donna Hay but it was Sophie Dahl's new cookbook for me this season.
    Have a great weekend,

  4. Thanks for all being such delightful fellow bloggers :)

  5. Glad you like it!! Kylie xx

  6. I hope you had a wonderful christmas Amanda! How lucky to get the seasons book, I've found it to be really great and it's full of sticky notes for the recipes I'm looking forward to making. I hope you have a wonderful 2010 and thank you for being such a great blogging friend!


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