Monday, December 21, 2009

Only Four More Sleeps!

We had a busy weekend here tidying things up around our place as we are hosting Christmas night for 28 people (not counting babies!) Paul did a fantastic job of getting the outside looking lovely by mulching all the gardens, mowing the lawn and tidying up (we have a fairly large yard so this was no small task!) I stayed inside out of the heat cleaning, wrapping presents and baking Donna Hay Christmas cookies. This week aside from more cooking, I need to sort out how I'll be decorating the table. How are everyone else's Christmas preparations coming along? Hope you don't have too much more to do and can put your feet up before Friday and enjoy a Christmas drink or two...

Thankyou all for your kind comments on Saturday - things went well and I feel a sense of peace with that part of everything now over x


  1. The garden looks lovely. It's so nice to see it all tidy and neat, isn't it?
    You've wrapped your pressies so beautifully - I'm a fan of the red and white butchers twine. And those biscuits! Yum!
    Yes, just a bit of housework and cooking for me. Onl one more day of work (wed) so hopefully a pretty relaxing week. Hope yours goes well :)

  2. There's nothing better than a good tidy up - your garden looks beautiful, perfect for a lovely Christmas day. Merry Christmas Amanda - I hope you have a lovely holiday. Leigh

  3. Have a great Friday Amanda....and an even better Boxing day when you recover from your big Chrissie bash! take care over the break

    PS those biscuits look delish! Might try making some at the weekend

  4. Oooh, look at that sunshine! I'm enjoying the snow but I have to admit that I looked at our beach pictures today just for a little boost. ;) Thanks for stopping by my blog today - I'm off to check out yours. :)

  5. Everything looks great for Christmas Day Amanda. Have a great one and thanks to you for your comments throughout 2009.

  6. 28 for christmas, wow! But the garden looks fantastic, and your biscuits too, I've decided that Donna Hay definitely has such good recipes. I hope you have a wonderful christmas Amanda, your gifts look beautiful.

  7. I need you to send your hubby around to my place. I have two different Christmas parties to host in the next two days and my yard is a mess. Your yard is very impressive. and your baking looks rather scrumptious too. Very sorry to hear about your dad. i do hope you have a wonderful Christmas and thank you for all your support and lovely comments throughout this year. Hayley x

  8. Your beautiful home makes be weep for summer. Merry Christmas my dear.
    Every happiness to you and yours this season and the new year through.
    Warmest regards,


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