Friday, July 30, 2010

A Happy Week

We have four days left of feeling like we’re living in Antarctica. The heater man is booked to come Tuesday morning so unfortunately, we will still be ‘heater-less’ this weekend… However, the ‘end is in sight’ and I’ve had lots of other things that have made me smile this week…

Grace is really enjoying the new ‘toy’ in the lounge room. Every now and then it will catch her eye and she’ll go over and have a little ‘play’. It really is cute to see her excitement as she presses all the different keys.

Yesterday, I encountered a kind lady at Medicare whilst waiting amongst the 101 other people who were waiting there at the same time as us – she was very sweet and swapped tickets with us so I wouldn’t have to wait so long with Grace who was started to get bored and fidgety. If I had a pretty bunch of flowers like the ones above, I would have given them to that lovely lady for her good deed.

This helium balloon costing little over $1 has kept Grace occupied for over a week. She is obsessed with it and has been carrying it everywhere. It makes me smile seeing the little green balloon bobbing around like a homing device attached to her.

And finally making me smile is the fact that I don’t have to cook tonight – we’re going to order a pizza from the gourmet pizza place my brother-in-law has recommended so I am looking forward to having a night out of the kitchen… although if my kitchen looked like the one above at the moment without all the packing boxes and clutter, I wouldn’t mind so much.

What has made you happy this week?

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  1. Abi is still playing with her party balloon too. It's a foil balloon so it might last awhile!

    Look at Grace in that bathrobe!! Too cute hun!

    I received some good news today regarding a health issue so I'm over the moon.

    Have a great weekend hun,


  2. Grace is so cute. I remember when my children were little and balloons were always a favorite. Ahh the simple things, if only it were that uncomplicated for us big girls! Have a great weekend, and stay warm. Lisa xx

  3. Isn't it wonderful how small, random acts of human kindness can mean so much? Glad you've had a good week and hope the weekend isn't too cold and Tuesday doesn't bring a heatwave!

  4. Sounds like you have had a lovely week, I love your little Gracie and her homing green balloon so sweet . Good luck with your heater, it will be so nice to feel warm and toasty again rather than chilly.

  5. Oh she's as cute as a button that little Grace. My boys went through balloon obsessions. We hired helium cylinders every birthday and then one of them developed an incredible fear of them so the balloon parties promptly stopped! So good to see you are starting the music early! Have a great weekend. A-M xx

  6. It's so nice to know that there are still giving strangers out there.
    How much fun is Grace having in these pics? You might have a musical genius on your hands!
    My week has been nuts but the things that have made me smile is playing Guitar Hero (crazy, childish me) and having a fantastic photoshoot of 2 of my dresses. Hopefully the photographer will let me post about it :)
    Have a great weekend and I can't wait to se the finished heater!

  7. I have the biggest smile on my face picturing Grace with her 'homing device'. So cute! She is a little darling and I'm so glad she's enjoying the piano. Will loves playing the piano at my Mum and Dad's house. I hope hte pizzas live up to expectation and it's very exciting that your antarctica will soon be the bahamas when your heater goes in. CANT WAIT to see it!
    Have a lovely day my friend!

  8. What a lovely post to finish the week on. I love people who always find the positive in life. What a lovely lady you met at Medicare. Grace is a cutie!
    X Briohny.

  9. What a lovely surprise that must have been for you at Medicare! Those little things can warm your heart and restore your faith in mankind. Oh your little Grace is a real sweetie, she looks very happy with herself and your new piano. So glad to hear you'll be toasty warm again soon. Can't wait to see how the fireplace looks once it's all finished. I am happy this week for a kind friend who looked after my children before and after school so my husband and I could travel 3 hours for his Grandad's funeral - he was 96. We left at 7am and didn't get home till 6pm. She took them to school, picked them up and took them to their tennis lesson and then fed them dinner. Bless her!
    Have a great weekend Amanda. Christine xx

  10. Hi Amanda, your sweet Grace is just gorgeous! I love the pic of her playing the piano!! Hope you get to Tuesday without being too cold. You must be so excited to finally be getting your fabulous new heater:) Sounds like you have had a great week! What a lovely lady in the Medicare line - such a lovely gesture! Hope you have a wonderful weekend my friend. Hugs to you ~ Txx

  11. Grace is so cute,she would definetly keep your heart warm..xx

  12. What lovely thoughts...that lady at the hospital who switched places with you sounds so sweet...and your little baby with her balloon sounds so adorable.

  13. what a lovely week you have had. thank you for sharing with some positive happenings to give us all a boost. thank you also for the comment and advice on my hallway. think i will play around with it a bit, then if not happy with the look its onto the paint. have a lovely weekend Amanda.
    Rebecca x

  14. You've had a busy week! Look at those little legs stretching up to the piano... cute as a button. Have a great weekend xo

  15. My girls adore the helium balloons - and tehy really are cheap entertainment!!

    Gosh, Grace is just gorgeous. Miss T has that same dressing cute.

  16. You really do write the loveliest posts Amanda. We need people like you writing columns in our newspapers. Enough of all the cynical, nasty stuff! Thank goodness you're getting heating soon, you've survived so long without it. I love the story about the balloon! We've got a few left here from the party. What's made me happy this week is listening to Bridget and Charlotte talk endlessly and excitedly about how much fun they had at the party, looking forward to seeing Mary Poppins tomorrow and getting organised for the next part of renovating.. oh, and witnessing the final coats of paint go on (without me doing it!) Have a lovely weekend..Rachaelxx

  17. woah I CAN NOT believe the Medicare lady. Is that a true story. every time I go and see our social worker I'm there for HOURS and very little gets done.

    That kitchen does look amazing.

    oh and for the good thing that happened to me this class.

  18. Your Grace is so cute, that little, round, fuzzy head, tapping on the piano!!!!

    What made me happy this week? Your lovely comment/s on my blog, in reply to the comment I left on yours was lovely. I truly felt for you, hearing of your love for your Dad. It's a special and unique bond, that of a little girl and her Dad, one that cannot be replaced. hugs to you, honey.

    I am pleased you had a happy week this week x o x

    Your pics of organisation inspire me to get myself sorted and cull the clutter that materialises, even though I try to keep on top of it!

    I am a minimalist, but still and always there is stuff! It's hard with children too isn't it? Always toys and things around, but as long as Lily is happy and playing - that, I remind myself, is the main thing.

    Have a beautiful weekend Amanda x o
    Tracey x

  19. Grace is so gorgeous! You are so lucky!
    I understand your pain with the cold i just cant stand it... Only half our home is warm! xxx

  20. The piano looks great Amanda, and clearly is is going to be well used and loved : ) I hope all your waiting will be over soon, it must be pretty cold with no heater. I hope you had a wonderful weekend
    xx Catherine

  21. So lovely to hear you had such a happy week! My little guy loves balloons too - sometimes the simplest toys are the best!

  22. I hope the heater installation goes to plan tomorrow and you'll all be toasty tomorrow night.

    It sounds like you had a wonderful week and your photos of Grace are very sweet. I love the one with her hood on, what a cutie.

    Catherine xo

  23. It looks lovely...what a peaceful and pretty place to live.
    I have a TON of blueberries in the fridge, they are making me very happy :)

  24. Awww...just so great that she has taken to the piano...beautiful pics. And yes..I totally understand about the balloon thing..Jacq is hooked, fascinated, addicted to them...everything is..alloon..alloon....alloon...he loves them. Which is a big step because at one stage he was very scared of them..and ever since watching the movie UP...he loves them. Last time we visted spotlight...hubby..bought him a bunch of different coloured helium balloons..he was so so excited...our trip home with 6 floating balloons in the back seat was interesting..could only see jacqs face peeking through between x


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