Monday, July 5, 2010

Weary Weekend

This past weekend for us was occupied mainly with a trip to the hospital, a visit to the after hours GP and trying to comfort Grace who's been unwell. She's fine thankfully and just had a virus which she's beginning to recover from. The photo above shows our little chicken on the bike we bought for her during the week.

Yesterday, we also had to do a bit of furniture shuffling as our new skirting boards will be getting installed on Tuesday and the carpenter needs one metre clearance around all the walls. Also, we got the piano - it is currently carefully covered in blankets in our garage until our new carpets are laid in a few weeks.

How did you all spend your weekend?


  1. poor little grace..its so hard to see you Little ones sick ..sending her big kisses and glad shes better and she looks so cute on that bike ..Ayden had one of those too.sounds like you have been really busy with your DIY projects cant wait to see it:)
    P.s i wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU for your beautiful comment you sent me the other day ,it really meant alot XXXX

  2. Poor little Grace - I'm glad she is starting to feel better. Looks like she enjoys her new bike. I had to work over the weekend unfortunately but it was nice and sunny. Sounds like it was colder in WA this morning than here in Tas - hopefully not too long before your new heater goes in :)

  3. Oh you poor things, nothing worse than when the little one's are sick. I hope Grace is feeling better soon. She looks like she is loving her bike! xx

  4. Poor Grace! I hope she is on the mend hun.

    Cute bike too, look at her face!

    My weekend was rather blah. Only 7 weeks till Spring, woo!

  5. Amanda I'm sorry to hear that Grace has been unwell. There's nothing as worrying as when your child is sick, especially when they are so young! I hope she is feeling better soon, make sure you rest when she is sleeping also. It's exhausting having an unwell child. Love her little trike! She looks pretty happy to be getting a push!! And I just noticed how long her legs are!! She's just gorgeous. Hope you have a good day today and it's exciting to hear your skirting boards are getting put in and the carpet is not too far away. Christine x

  6. Poor Grace, it's horrid when kiddies are sick, hope she's better soon :)

    I had a lovely quiet weekend with the kids as Mike was away. Spent Sat night on the couch with a chick flick and chocolate, it was bliss!

    Have a great week :)

  7. What a weekend Amanda! I am so glad to hear that Grace is on the mend. She looks adorable on her bike. xx

  8. I'm hearin ya, sista... our entire last WEEK was a write-off from sickness. Except in my case I somehow ended up with an even shorter stick than Fern and Dan! Hope Grace gets better soon luv xo
    ps. cute bike!!!

  9. What a cute pic....nice to hear she is doing better.
    That bike will last her for ages..great choice.
    Can't wait to see the piano in place.

  10. I remember when our Sophia was that small & she wasnt well for a few days it is heart wrenching, hope she is on the mend & able to enjoy her new bike. We were given an old piano years ago , the kids have a great time on it. Sophia actually started lessons when she was 4 , unfortunately the piano is so out of tune etc. we need to update for her to continue learning.
    Hope this week is better.
    Karyn x

  11. So sorry to hear your weekend wasn't that crash hot, you poor things. Grace looks so cute on her trike and I'm glad to hear she's a bit better. You take care x

  12. Hi lovely! Glad to hear all is ok. Can't wait to see your new additions xo

  13. My heart goes out to you...nothing worse then a little sick one in the house!!

  14. Sorry to hear Grace has been sick. I spent the Sat and Sun mornings at work but had some lovely afternoon time with all my boys just pottering around the house.

    Looks like she loves her bike!

  15. Poor little Gracie darling!!! That must have been heartbreaking. I hate seeing little ones sick. I'm so glad she's feeling better and her bike is the pink version of Will's one! Looks like she's enjoying it as much as he does! Give Gracie Girl a big hug from me and Will.

  16. Sorry to hear Grace has been unwell, it is so scary when they get sick. This is a lovely photo of her however and I hope she stays smiling and well.

  17. Hello Amanda -

    So lovely to see your blog and pics of your family! I love your blog and went through lots of your old posts.

    I loooooooove the yellow themed posts and I looooooooove the pic of the yellow, birdie decals on Grace's wall. Every time that you walk in there you must feel a sunny sense of joy! So refreshing - so perfect. Well done, I love that look.

    Grace is a pretty little poppet. I remember all to well, those trips to the GP and the hospital when Lil was a bubba. This too shall pass, but it is so tiring. You are doing so well, to continue blogging, being a devoted Mummy and wife, whilst still being creative and inspiring. Hang in there honey.

    I shall continue to follow your blog with interest. I am really interested in Mummy's who have little bubbas and continue to blog, and be creative and keep their sanity.

    Hopefully, that will be me, one day again soon. (Pregnant I mean).

    You are doing a fabulous job, juggling it all.

    Incidentally, I holidayed in Western Australia some years ago and your coastline, Momkey Mia, Coral Bay and the reefs - were exquisite. What a beautiful place you live in.

    Tracey at Velvetine Lily x o

  18. I am glad to hear that your sweet Grace is feeling better Amanda. This pic of her on her new bike is just gorgeous!! Hope you have a better week ~ Tina xx

  19. Oh I fall to pieces when my 'babies' are sick. So pleased that Grace is feeling better. A-M xx

  20. Hey Amanda! I am sorry to hear she was not feeling well. We spent our weekend at the pool and visiting our local farmers market. {Made me feel like I should cook something after we left} ha!

  21. Poor little Puppet...sending big hugs..glad she is feeling better. Winter is horrible for little ones..they always end up getting sick all the time.Gorgeous pic having fun with daddy x


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