Monday, July 26, 2010

Slowly Slowly

Here in our little household, work has finally started on building out our wall for our heater (which is currently waiting in its box on our patio). Mum's partner who is doing the job for us came over yesterday and started. I was so happy, I baked him his favourite dessert, apple crumble, to take home with him to enjoy.

All that is needed now are a few coats of sealer and Paul said as long as I'm willing to paint the wall on Wednesday/Thursday, I can book the heater man to come and finally install our long awaited unit anytime after Friday. Paul prefers to wait until next week but I'm desperate to have a nice glowing 'fire' next weekend and so I have volunteered to get out the paint roller. Fingers crossed all goes to plan and I'll be warm and toasty soon!!

What lovely things do you all have planned for this week?


  1. OMG Amanda, that apple crumble looks devine! It's a favourite of mine too.

    Good luck with the paint roller too!

    This week is quiet for me at the moment, but that always changes!


  2. That's's going to look fabulous! Apple crumble...such a great winter dessert :)

  3. So exciting!!! It's going to be wonderful! And that apple cumble looks soooooooo delish!
    Not too much organised for this week, going to visit friends today by the beach, out for dinner tonight and then just the usual activities for the rest of the week. Have a lovely day Amanda!!!

  4. It must be exciting seeing things start to happen. Good luck with the painting, looking forward to seeing how it all looks.

    And, wow, yum! That crumble looks devine :)

    Just the usual this week, nothing too exciting here. Have a lovely week, Amanda.

  5. You do have a busy week planned but it will be so worth it when you can sit back on the weekend and enjoy your fire! Your carpet looks lovely Amanda, you must be so pleased to be seeing some big jobs get completed! I have the usual week of work but we do have a conference Tues & Wed so that is a bit of a change and should make the week slightly more interesting! Good luck with your painting. xx

  6. Apple crumble is my absolute favourite and yours look sooo good!
    You must be so excited about getting your fire.

  7. how exciting fingers crossed the week goes fast so yo can so enjoy your heater. that apple crumple looks divine i can almost smell it from here. your house is looking gorgeous Amanda,with all your new make- overs:)
    have a great week sweetie xxx

  8. Oh, how exciting! The sooner the better the heater gets installed I think!
    I could 'go' a bit of that apple crumble. Yum!
    The carnations were your Dad's fave, weren't they? They're just lovely :)
    For me this week is going to be work work work with one highlight which will be a photoshoot for a couple of my wearable art dresses.
    Have a good one Amanda :)

  9. A nice glowing fire sounds great! Cute blog :)

  10. I'd be wanting to get it done too Amanda. I hope you get the painting done with no dramas. It's going to be amazing.
    This week my 16yo son is off on his yr11 camp so I'll probably be preoccupied thinking about him, wondering if he's warm enough at night in his tent, has he got enough water, did any snakes get into his tent (I'm a kiwi, we think snakes are everywhere,lol). Other than that I'm hoping for a nice quiet week.

  11. Cant wait to see the result Amanda. Hope all goes to plan and you are warm and toasty for the weekend. Mmm apple crumble. Hope to get in some exercise this week, we start bootcamp again and Im off to mow for a few hours. Think Id rather be painting!! have a great week...
    Rebecca x

  12. Oh Amanda...can't ait to see ythe new heater in and the new wall extended...yeay! Very exciting


  13. Oh a glowing fire sounds so nice...enjoy sitting by it reading some lovely magazines and having cuddles with your little one.

  14. How exciting! It's going to look great..and warm! Will be worth the painting..Rachaelxx

  15. Your apple crumble looks yummy!!! Hope you get your toasty fire for the weekend...will be waiting for pics!!!

  16. awesome!! what heater did you end up choosing in the end??

  17. Dear Amanda,

    I felt so sad to hear of the anniversary of your Dad's passing. Your Dad would be so proud of you and the way that you love and adore your little Grace.

    I pray that soon, you will have a brother or sister for little Grace. You are a good Mummy, abstaining from alcohol, to have the healthiest little bub that you can. My fingers are crossed for you sweetheart. x o

    Your crumble looked devine and prompted me to say to my Paul - "nearly a whole winter has passed and I haven't cooked a crumble!" Thus, I am off to do so.

    Thank you for your inspiration. I am sending you strength and love in rememberance of your Dad.

    My love, Tracey x o

  18. Hi Amanda, fantastic it is finally happening for you. I can't wait to see it finished. Good luck with the painting! And that apple crumble - Yummo!

  19. oh how very exciting!! hope you get it all done as planned and get to be toasty and warm by the weekend :)

  20. Sarah - you have a good memory - these carnations were left over from the bunch I bought to bring to the cemetary the other day :)

    Nicole - we've bought the Rinnai Aspiration - fingers crossed we're happy with it...

  21. Apple crumble..toasty warm fire...doesn't get any better than that.Enjoy your new addition..xx

  22. That's really exciting getting things ready to get that heater in soon to keep all of you nice and warm. I love apple crumble and your's looks yummy, perfect with icecream:) xo

  23. Ooh how exciting for you all, can't wait to see the finished result! :-)


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