Friday, April 20, 2012

The ‘Magical’ Six Month Mark

I’m feeling a tad sad today. You see tomorrow is the six month mark for Sophie which means, tomorrow she’ll be moving from the bassinet in our bedroom to the cot in her nursery. Paul calls this milestone the ‘magical six month mark’ as I like to have our babies sleep in our room up until this point, which means Paul is often also woken around three or four in the morning when Sophie wants a feed.

So tomorrow, she’ll be in her nursery. I’m just hoping she doesn't disturb Grace who is in the bedroom next door. If all goes well, I’ve decided I’ll try doing a ‘dream feed’ around ten o’clock which will hopefully take her through until the morning. I used to do this with Grace but this time around, I’ve found I’m too tired to stay up late and have preferred to go to bed early and just get up in the wee hours of the morning to give her a quick feed.

However, six months is also an exciting time. It means Sophie sitting up by herself. It means crawling will be just around the corner. It means her first words. So as sad as I am, I’m also excited about all the lovely times I know are ahead. Perhaps the phrase ‘magical six month mark’ is quite fitting after all...

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  1. Sounds like I am not the only one who will be sleeping on the edge this weekend :)
    Hope the shift into the nursery goes smoothly for you all Amanda.

  2. I've decided to do the exact same thing with Gus at 6 weeks.. It's 4 weeks away and I miss him already.
    (she is a CUTIE!)

  3. Lots of exciting new times around the corner for you all! Grace will be so excited about being able to interact more with her little sister too I'd imagine? Hope those dream feeds work a treat so there's plenty of sleep being had by everyone :)

  4. The babes growing up is a little different the second time around. You realize how quickly they grow and move from stage to stage, how exciting the next stage is and how quick the time went all together! Enjoy Sweet Amanda. She is a cutie. That smile! And one shoe off so casually... Quite a character too.

  5. Sorry, glasses on! No shoes on. Those leggings are lovely with the detail around the ankle and grey and white looks so clean and crisp.She has style that one

  6. Aww, she's getting so big! You sure do have two beautiful little girls!

  7. Oh Amanda...she's just divine!!! What a cutie patootie!!!
    I can't believe Sophie & Ryder are near the half-year mark sniff sniff!!!
    I would've kept Ryder in our room in the bassinett forever LOL...but sadly he outgrew the bassinette {being such a big baby} by 2 months old. Then we moved here to the new house & there's room in our main bedroom to have his big cot in with was tempting LOL...but he's in his own room!! Wow...I must say though, I'm a little jealous that Sophie only wakes for one feed now....I'm still up 3-7 times a night {about 2 of those are feeds} Chris & I don't make good sleepers though!! Ella JUST started sleeping all night....and she's 4.
    Can't wait to see more pics of Sophie once she's on the move....they're really developing little personalities now.

    1. Only one feed in the night yes, but at the moment her last feed is fairly late around 7.30pm. Also, she's been waking like clockwork around 12.30 lately and then occasionally around 2. Not sure what's going on but I sure do sympathise with your 3-7 times a night as Sophie's wakings have been driving me crazy lately. 6 months is a lovely age and as you say, they're becoming so much more interactive which is lovely, especially for their big sisters :)

  8. Nostalgic and sentimental you are - just like me..Sophie is growing so quick - oh that little happy face!! Good luck with the transition to her big baby girl room...

  9. Wow time flys can't belive its been 6 months already!
    Look at her all smiles so gorgeous x

  10. Oh wow, I can't believe little Sophie is already 6 months old! She is so precious. Six months is such a wonderful age....every day is something new. Enjoy xo

  11. I loved the 6 month mark with both my kids as seemed to be the turning point for lots of things like sleeping a lot better, being more interactive and just gorgeous all around, enjoy! G

  12. Oh my Sophie is adorable Amanda and such a little happy girl there. I remember the girls going into their own rooms and feeling a little sad, sad that they weren't beside me and that they were growing so fast. At the same time though it was such a fun age to watch, they are learning so much. xx

  13. Where have those six months gone? It seriously feels like yesterday that you were pregnant don't you think? I love the six months age, they are cute and animated and can sit up and show excitement but not yet on the run.
    Happy 6mths Sophie and I hope you r not too sad about the change of room my dear!


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