Friday, February 15, 2013

Adjusting To Kindy

When I sent Grace off to kindy for her first day last Friday, I never expected that I would spend so much time myself thinking about our new journey.  That I would feel tired emotionally after a week and have nervous knots in my stomach on the days when Grace wasn’t at home.  Today, after leaving a teary Grace with her teacher, Sophie and I met my cousin and her little girl for a coffee and a play at the park.  Having a distraction was good and kept me from re-playing over and over in my mind the image of Grace sitting by the teacher’s feet, her little shoulders hunched over, eyes misty and a sad expression on her face.  On the way home for lunch, I decided to lift my spirits and stopped in at a gift shop to treat myself to a scented candle.  After smelling several, the one I was drawn to was the ‘De-Stress’ blend which I thought was quite fitting.

Kindy has been such a new experience for my big girl.  She’s never been to day care.  Never spent long periods of time away from myself or Paul.  Never had to deal with feelings of worry and separation and uncertainty which are consuming her little overactive mind at the moment.

I know it’s early days.  I know that once she gets used to her routine and becomes familiar with her teachers and classroom and makes friends that this period will fade away.  But for now, I can't help but feel a little bit heart broken as I farewell her and walk home each day…

The lovely orange rose above is one of a bunch given to me for Valentine's Day yesterday by Paul
 - he also spoilt me with a surprise dinner at a favourite restaurant 


  1. Oh Amanda I do feel for you it's so hard to leave your little one when you see them so upset, it's upsetting for you too I know. Like you say in time Grace will adjust, it's a big change for her but I'm sure she will love it before you know it especially with all of the craft and playing in homecorner she will love doing. Going to the park and keeping busy sounds like a good idea and that candle is beautiful and such a lovely little treat for you too when you need a little cheering up. I hope that next week Grace is feeling better about going. Hugs to you lovely. xxx

    P.S. That rose is beautiful, and what a wonderful surprise to go out to dinner, what a romantic Paul is.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Owww bless Im sure it will get easier soon she will be saying dont come in Mum just blow me a kiss from the car!
    What a sweetie your Mr is and a scented candle will always make a girl feel better :)

  3. Oh, sweet Amanda. The first of many life changes - for both of you. All will be well. It will xxx

  4. What a lovely man your hubby is
    I think the de-stress is the perfect choice for you (and maybe Grace if its wafting through the house at bedtime)
    Change is hard for everyone but she will quickly learn that kindy is nothing to worry about

  5. Kindy is such a big chapter isn't it Amanda but I am confident that Grce will grow to love it and really blossom in her new environment. It's also a milestone for you too, be kind to yourself as you both adjust to this new path in life.

  6. That sounds so tough. I'm sure it will get a little better, each and every week.

  7. I can imagine it's a stressful time for you, but Grace will soon settle in, make some lovely friends and be eager to go. Then I am sure you will feel a whole lot better too! xx

  8. i can only imagine how difficult it must be - you are very strong...i bet i will be a bubblery mess. but as you know, i'm sure the days get better and easier as grace settles into her new routine. but i know that what you're going through in the "now" is very hard and emotional.

    just last week i was talking about how being a sahm, it's difficult to even picture your baby going to school and being in someone else's care for what seems like such a long amount of time (and this is also coming from a teacher who knows that children are more independent and mature than what we give them credit for...) but when it's your own it's a bit harder to be 'black and white' about these's the emotions that you can't reason with!

    big hugs to you.

  9. It is a heart wrenching time. I remember leaving son no.1 screaming at daycare with the assurance of the teachers that it would all be right after I had gone. When we had to add another day a week for him at daycare, he settled in more quickly once he knew the routine. More harmful for me I think. I'm sure the same will happen for Grace, and she will soon be telling you about her new friends.

  10. Aw, I'm sorry it hasn't been the easiest week. I remember my first day of kindergarten very well because I never went to preschool first, so being dropped off at school was quite traumatic for me. I'm looking forward to your posts about how it is getting easier. I promise you will get there!

    1. I think our kindergarten here in Western Australia is like your preschool as we do kindy first at 4 years, then preschool at 5...

  11. My heart broke for you as I read I know EXACTLY how you feel. Being a mother - watching our kids worry or hurt and the art of letting go are by far the hardest parts, I swear! Give me birth pains and breastfeeding battles any day - it's these breaking free & learning moments that hurt me the most!!
    Hang in there. She'll love it soon, as will you! I'm sure of it.

  12. I'm hoping that after Week 3, both of you are settling in better to the routine. It must be so hard to leave her there but you know you are doing the right thing and I'm sure she will be loving it very soon, she is so bright that she will soak up all that learning!


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