Sunday, March 31, 2013


"A portrait of my children, one a week every week in 2013"

Grace: All set for the kindy Easter bonnet parade. I made sure she crafted her hat by herself - I just made a few suggestions, gave her a pile of collage-type bits and pieces and let her go for it. All too often as a teacher I would see projects come back to school, the majority of which had been obviously completed by parents. I wanted Grace to feel a real sense of ownership over her creation. The kindy Easter concert was very sweet and I must admit to getting all teary as I watched our big girl standing out the front with her classmates singing 'Little Peter Rabbit'. A proud Mama moment.

Sophie: Watching intently, in awe of her big sister riding her bike around and around the driveway. She followed Grace everywhere on our holiday like a cute little shadow.

Joining in with Jodi

Favourite snapshots from last week included Jo's photo of her icy-pole covered girl and Steph's shots of her two darlings.  


  1. Oh...look at the pride and joy in Grace's eyes. Her hat {bonnet} ROCKS!!!! I'm not a fan of kid's coming to school with amazingly crafted projects {THAT THEY"RE PARENTS HAD DONE!!!} As much of a control freak that I am - I too let Ella take the reins when it's her project. Last year in Kindy, they had to journal each school holiday break. I would print off the photos and then let her go for it. She'd cut and glue and decorate to her heart's content. It was usually a mess....but HER work :)

    And Miss Sophie is looking oh so grown up!

    Happy Easter my bloggy friend

  2. I love her bonnet! gorgeous little ladies. happy easter :)

  3. that easter bonnet is awesome!! it's so cute and you can tell how proud she is of it. just beautiful. :)

    and i so know what you mean when you remember some of the parents doing the projects themselves! it used to make me cross, but i have to laugh remembering once when in year 2 we were learning about bridges. one boy had the most AMAZING sydney harbour bridge which all that had to be done by him in class was take a piece of string and link it up and down the nails on the bridge -- which completed it and made it look like a scaled down model of the real thing. when i spoke to the mum about it she admitted that dad just got carried away once he started working on it! haha.

    awww...what a gorgeous little shadow sophie is. x

  4. I agree, so much better for the kids to have an input into their Easter hats. I think it means a little bit more. So sweet about Sophie watching her big sister. It won't be long til they are having adventures together. Gorgeous pics as always xx

  5. She looks so proud and happy with her bonnet - good for you and her!
    We've just been looking at some photos of ours when they were Sophie's age - often like this - taking it all in, remembering.
    Hope you are having a lovely weekend

  6. Adore that bonnet of hers.... such a sweet shot too. She looks very proud. :)
    Ronnie xo

  7. What a gorgeous bonnet. :)

  8. I hope you had a lovely Easter Amanda. Grace looks beautiful in her bonnet :)

  9. Amanda!! Your little girls are unbelievably gorgeous. They look so much like you. And I think Grace's hat is very funky! She looks so proud. I agree with you - much nicer when the children can make their own hat! She is practically glowing - and it's so sweet that Sophie was watching her big sister.


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