Friday, March 29, 2013

Three Day Getaway

Going away on holidays with little ones always feels like such a big effort... so much to pack, to have to anticipate and to organize, even for a simple three day sojourn.  I find myself making list after list and leaving post-it notes all over the house as I pack for any family getaway.

However, the precious time spent away together is always well worth it.  Over the past few days, we've been at Paul's uncle's holiday house and while we've returned home today feeling exhausted after a combination of late nights, fresh air and time spent by the Harvey Estuary, there were many highlights that have more than made up for the tiredness...

There's been net fishing (with a handful of blue swimmer crabs caught as well as one mullet), a bit of exploring (a drive to the Lake Clifton Thrombolites - an interesting natural spectacle where a sea of rounded rock-like structures can be seen from a boardwalk platform), outdoor fun on scooters, bikes and swings and games of hide and seek made all the more exciting in a house with plenty of new spots to discover.

The girls have loved the novelty of sharing a room together with lots of laughter after lights out, plenty of giggles and numerous warnings of 'back to bed' as they pitter-pattered down the hallway after being tucked in.  

Today we enjoyed hot cross buns on the gorgeous deck overlooking the estuary.  The sun warmed our backs as we enjoyed the freshness of an early morning outdoors, listening to the birds singing and chickens next door clucking away as they welcomed the new day.

Now we're home again slightly regretting not staying longer on our little relaxing getaway. However we're also looking forward to some slow paced, simple days at home over the Easter break.

Wishing you all a wonderful long weekend ahead...


  1. It looks wonderfully peaceful Amanda. Those rocks look amazing. I haven't been to WA, but would like to one day.
    Have a happy easter xx

  2. It's always to tempting to extend holidays right to the end of the break but I think you'll be glad of just the short one and a bit of house time before Grace has to head back to school. Looks like an amazing mini break, just what was needed to refresh the family.

  3. just reading and seeing the photos makes me feel all relaxed! it sounded like a lovely family get-a-way. and i think you did the right thing by coming back early and having a few days at home too.

    i love the first photo - when i first saw it i thought it was snow! i wondered where in the world you were :)

  4. Those rocks are amazing Amanda. I've never seen any like them. Sounds like it was a great experience for your girls and a real treat for all of you. Happy Easter.

  5. I know what you mean. The packing never seems to be worth it - until you're pulling out of the driveway and anticipating the joy of being away from the usual routines and the novelty of staying somewhere new and exciting. So glad you guys had such a refreshing time. I can just feel the peace and relaxation oozing from these photos...
    Ronnie xo

  6. Amanda we don't even have children yet and I find packing up and going away seems such a big pain in the butt sometimes - that is, until we are hours away and breathing in the fresh air and excitement of being somewhere we've never been before. Maybe it's partly because I am a freelancer who works on a contract basis without sick pay etc, but I am such a workaholic and spend so much time chained to my desk and my deadlines that sometimes I feel so guilty wrenching myself away to go away - but I NEVER regret, and whenever I do get away I always find myself thinking I should do it more often. It's worth it. So glad you got to have a lovely break away from home, your photos look so relaxing and beautiful! Hope you had a glorious Easter xox


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