Thursday, November 19, 2009

Relaxed and Cosy Lounge Room

Image source unknown

When we moved into our house, we were happy to live with half-filled rooms until we tracked down and could afford to buy exactly what we were after. Four and a half years down the track, our place is still looking unfinished. Our lounge room is in desperate need of completion. At the moment, I’m still on the hunt for cushions, throws, artwork, a feature armchair, wine rack/buffet and lots of knick knacks. I really love the lounge room in the photo above. I like how it doesn’t have any one colour which is too dominant and it looks casual and inviting – exactly the look I want to aim for in our house…


  1. I agree, I'm not into that look where everything looks like it came from the one shop! I love a mixture of antique and contemporary as well. It's worth taking the time and building up your bits and pieces.

  2. Sounds like my house... still renovating after 5 years!

    That lounge room is beautiful - relaxed and welcoming.

  3. I love the look of the ottoman and single chair - they look very comfortable! I wish I could see fully what the blue piece of furniture is on the right hand side of the photograph - it looks interesting... The room is nice and bright and fresh as well! Kylie

  4. It's great that you know what you want by using pictures and the like. This makes it so much easier when you do find something you like.

  5. Our house has been done the same way - it takes a long time but I think it is well worth it in the end. And I think the added bonus is that you enjoy every individual thing that you buy so much more than if it was all delivered in one big go. You'll get there in the end and it will look fabulous! Leigh

  6. Amanda you have no idea how happy I was to read your line, "Four and a half years down the track, our place is still looking unfinished". Thank you! I thought I was the only one! Sometimes I am embarrassed to have first-time visitors over too, because even though I look at and write about Perth's most beautiful homes for my job, my own home is nowhere near complete or as lovely as these places, and I think they expect me to have an amazing home because of my job.

    Before I moved out of home, I had always naively thought that a house was completed the night you moved in, like in Enid Blyton books where they hung all the pictures and put out all the rugs the night of moving in haha... yep definitely not the case. Your home is looking lovely now though, I really like your lounge - so cozy and very sweet!


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