Sunday, January 3, 2010

Weekend Wedding Blog Inspiration

How are you all enjoying the weekend? I’ve been enjoying catching up on all the blog posts I’d missed over the busy Christmas period.

Of all the blogs I follow, a few are wedding blogs. I have always enjoyed looking at these as I like browsing through the colour combinations, mood boards and styling ideas but I felt like I was wasting my precious blog browsing time considering my own wedding was back in 2005. However, a post I read on decor8 a while back reconfirmed my initial thought, that wedding blogs can provide decorating inspiration for homes too.

Two of my favourites are Wedding Style Guide and Style Me Pretty. Wedding Style Guide is a great Australian blog. I especially like their free downloads page here for bits and pieces that can be adapted to other entertaining events and parties. I also like Style Me Pretty for ideas on different colour palettes and floral arrangements. I've included some of my favourite images from each on this post.

Images 1 & 2 from here
Images 3 & 4 from here


  1. They are wonderful blogs! Great ideas for entertaining too! I love the second image.... so clean and fresh. I can even imagine how wonderful the food would taste in that image! Have spent my weekend building BBQs and decluttering. One can never do too much decluttering... especially with boys and all their little toys. Our good will pile is enormous! Just having a break before the next task. Love having a coffee and a blog crawl! A-M xx

  2. They certainly do..and I think if we could get married over and over ( to the same person of course) we would do it differently every much fun would that be...expensive fun! : /

  3. Hi Amanda - thanks so much for visiting my blog. Yes those wedding blogs are soo addictive, you could spend hours oohing and ahhing at them i think! I mentioned this back in October and Style Me Pretty was a favourite + i have listed another there (you might enjoy this one too),

    some people are so creative arent they? Take care, Mel xxx

  4. A-M - I have a great deal of decluttering I need to do too - I like to the new year off nice and fresh.
    Anna - I totally agree - I think I would change my colour scheme each time :)
    Mel - thanks for the links ... am off to check them out...

  5. Those images are so pretty, I love those daisies in the blue bowls.:) Thanks for the inspiration Amanda and the links.:)

  6. Hi Amanda,
    lovely post! I too love to drool over all the wedding pretties....
    How is it they seem to have a never ending supply of inspiration and new ideas??? Such beautiful images here, thanks for sharing!

  7. All of these images are beautiful, I especially like the first one.


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